4WD trips
July 2004 - Simpson Desert East West crossing We did a East West crossing of the Simpson Desert. Up through the Flinders Ranges to Maree, then up the Birdsville Track then east across the Simpson Desert. After then Chambers Pillar (along the Finke Road) to Alice Springs. Then west of Alice to Gosses Bluff, then Kings Canyon and Ayres Rock. The practice run for a later trip up the Canning Stock Route!.
simpson_desert_crossing2.gif (137034 bytes) Click on the map for the route we took crossing the Simpson Desert from east to west. (Blue line from Birdsville to Dalhousie Springs)- It was the usual crew (see last years participants).
edge-of-the-simpson.jpg (114640 bytes) Everyone ready for the drive up Big Red at the Eastern edge of the Simpson desert vast-desert.jpg (139436 bytes) The vastness of the Simpson Desert - averaging about 18 kmh along the WAA line heading west
jade-on-the-QAA-line.jpg (90014 bytes) Jade on the QAA line crossing a gypsum lake simpson-campfire.jpg (324301 bytes) Around the campfire camped near the Rig road, our last night in the Desert
simpson-camp1.jpg (102852 bytes) Camped amongst the dunes in the Simpson desert - near the QAA line, chambers-pillar-camp.jpg (240137 bytes) Camped near Chambers Pillar (glowing in the sunset) on the way to Alice Springs 
poppels-corner.jpg (76845 bytes) Everyone at Poppels corner - the intersection of the Queensland, NT and South Australian borders ayres-rock.jpg (308503 bytes) The top of Ayres Rock, cold and windy.

April 2004 - Nullarbor Mt Ragged Israelite Bay Kalgoorlie
nullabour-camp.jpg (120110 bytes) climbing-down-mt-ragged.jpg (117428 bytes) beach-israelite-bay.jpg (81514 bytes) peak-charles.jpg (111081 bytes)
Our campsite on the Nullabor about 50 km west of Eucla, we spent 2 nights and didn't see anyone Climbing down Mt Ragged south of Balladonia  The incredibly white sand of the beach at Israelite Bay Sam and Tom at the top of Peak Charles - a difficult climb
June - July 2003 Broome or Bust!

Crossing Central Australia to Northern Western Australia

Two Four Wheel Drives - Four Adults and Three Kids across the centre of Australia to Broome...!
Broome or Bust.jpg (87961 bytes) Click on the map for the route we took - Judy, her son Tom, my parents Fay and Ron, my son Sam and niece Jade - We travelled up the Stuart Highway to Alice Springs - then up the Tanami track across the Tanami Desert to Halls Creek. Then Kununurra, Gibb River Road, Mitchell Falls, Kalumburu, Derby Broome, then down the West Coast to Perth and the Indian Pacific Train to Adelaide. 
Jade Glendambo.jpg (388270 bytes) Jade one of the few humans (check the sign) at Glendambo Tanami WA border.jpg (340949 bytes) Everyone at the WA Border about 800 kilometres up the Tanami track
Tanami camp.jpg (258860 bytes) One of our bush campsites on the Tanami - in Western Australia Catheral Gorge - Bungles.jpg (210194 bytes) Looking up - Cathedral Gorge - Bungle Bungles
Mitchell Falls.jpg (606189 bytes) Mitchell Falls - Western Australia : A hot walk from the campsite sandcastles cable beach.jpg (341660 bytes) Building Sandcastles - Cable Beach Broome Western Australia
BBQ Cable Beach Broome.jpg (282623 bytes) We had a great BBQ on Cable Beach Broome at sunset Indian Pacific - Cook.jpg (355776 bytes) On the Indian Pacific on the way across the Nullabour - stopped at the almost deserted town of Cook
Nullarbor Mt Ragged Israelite Bay 1996 Crossed the nullarbour, went south from Ballendonia Roadhouse via a four-wheel drive track to Mt Ragged. Climbed Mt Ragged went south-east to Israelite Bay. Then west to Esperance.
mt ragged.jpg (8035 bytes) nullabour cliffs.jpg (9316 bytes)

 Mt Ragged

Nullabour Cliffs
Broome - Tanami Track Have been to Broome Western Australia - (a wonderful place) twice via the Tanami track
Fraser Island Queensland Crossed to Fraser Island- stayed at several camp-sites on Fraser Island - four-wheel drived up the ocean beach
1992- Simpson Desert crossing - West East  Its a bit hopeless I know - but we didn't take a camera! . crossed the Simpson desert via the French Line, got bogged in Eyre Creek
Darwin - Kakadu - Wyndam Broome Monkey Mia - Steep Point 1993
litchfield pool.jpg (9120 bytes) stuart highway.jpg (10216 bytes) boab derby.jpg (15419 bytes)
Swimming in a waterhole Litchfield National Park roadside stop Stuart Highway heading north Boab Tree Derby Western Australia