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Backgound Photo:  Bathurst narrows SW Tasmania

I love reading books, so here is some that I have enjoyed and have influenced me (not in any particular order):
Evolution and Psycholgy The Moral Animal

-  Robert Wright

A great book looking at evolutionary psychology. Explains to me how the world works
The Selfish Gene

- Richard Dawkins

a radical view of the universe, but its seems like that's the way it is.
Philosophy Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

-Robert M. Pirsig 

The classic, although I've never even ridden a motorcycle...
Politics  "Recollections of a Bleeding Heart: A Portrait of Paul Keating PM"

Don Watson

An insight into how policy is made at the top 
Travel Travels in a Strange State - Cycling across the USA

- Josie Dew

A great book about cycle touring by a young independent woman - Josie Dew's website

- Robyn Davidson

The classic crossing of the western deserts by an un-adventurer adventurer
The Happy Islands of Oceania

- Paul Theroux

You either love or hate Paul Theroux, got me interested in Sea Kayaking
Riding the Desert Trail

-Bettina Selby

by bicycle to the source of the Nile - a single woman who didn't let a bit of sand stop her!
Language Made in America

-Bill Bryson

I love the details about the evolution of English and American English
Mother Tongue

-Bill Bryson

More English Language
Fiction Independence Day

- Richard Ford

A book that really shows how males think..
The Diamond Age

- Neal Stephenson

A great sci-fi book about nano-technology and a possible future
The Peace War

Vernor Vinge

Another sci-fi book the ideas I really liked