How to find Airbnb apartment Villa Svilokos, 13 Mljetska Ulica, Dubrovnik

We recently stayed at an Airbnb apartment in Dubrovnik – Villa Svilokos, 13 Mljetska Ulica, Dubrovnik.

We really enjoyed our stay at the apartment, which is comfortable, well-equipped and in a good location. The purpose of this post is to hopefully help any other guests avoid the problems we had with parking our car and finding the place. The information in the Airbnb listing is misleading – the apartment is located on a street which is not accessible to vehicles. In addition, there is no numbering on the property, although #11 and #15 do both have numbering.

At the time of writing this blog post, the Airbnb listing (here) still states that there is ‘Free parking on the premises’. This is totally wrong, and not only is it impossible to park on the premises, the closest street you can drive a car on is 200 metres away and down 65 steps, on Svetog Kriza Ulica. During the time we stayed there, we rarely saw any space to park a car along that street. DO NOT drive on Dura Basariceka Ulica, the street above Mljetska Ulica, it is impossible to park there and almost impossible to turn around. Also, there are at least 120 steps down from this street to Villa Svilokos.

If you can, try to find a parking spot as close to 19 Svetog Kriza Ulica as you can. Then walk up Lastovska Ulica and turn left onto Mljetska Ulica. Mljetska goes around a bend at Number 11, go up the lane to the first gate after Number 11, which is Number 13 although there is no numbering on it. The Airbnb apartment is just inside the gate, and the host’s father lives upstairs.

Once you have parked your car, leave it there and use public transport to get around Dubrovnik. Straight down the hill from Villa Svilokos is a bus stop which is opposite Hotel Petka. At least 4 buses (1A, 1B, 1C & 3) stop there and go to Pile Gate at Old Town. There is a good supermarket, Konzum, and a bakery nearby, close to the main bus station, which is also just down the road from the apartment.

This property is also newly listed on, but in that listing the host states that parking is available at a nearby hotel’s car park for 20 Euros per day!

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