An Adventure in a Datsun 120Y

(the most reliable car ever - ask a mechanic!)

The Datsun 120Y on the 600km trip between Broome and Port Headland The 120Y crossing the Nullarbour (1000km)
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I used to have this nice big Toyota Landcruiser. Took it lots of places crossed the Simpson Desert for one, but it was soooo  expensive to fix. A couple of  years  ago it needed fixing yet again.

So while the Landcruiser was being fixed I bought an old bomb Datsun 120Y for $850 to run around in. The mechanic looked at the Landcruiser and said $5,500 to repair the gearbox, and this is the second time it had been fixed. In the meantime my son and I planned to go to Darwin and across to Broome in Western Australia for four weeks.

I decided that I was sick of pouring money in this Landcrusier, and we had run out of time to fix the Landcrusier. We decided we would take the Datsun 120Y travel light, and if it broke down, we would leave it and take the bus.

Well guess what it made it!. 13,000 kilometres from Adelaide to Darwin, through Kakadu, across to Western Australia Fitzroy Crossing, Derby, Broome, down to Perth, and then back across the Nullabour.

We saved so much money on taking the Landcrusier ($500 on diesel alone), that we had more money to spend on tours and other activities.

So the Datsun 120Y has been more places since. Canberra (including taking a tandem bicycle), Gold Coast and Melbourne, as well as Wilsons Promontory.

It is now retired.......(but not dead!)