This Mud Brick house has been a labor of love over many years (and its still goes on!). But there is something great in having built it yourself (with lots of help!). My house is built over the ruins of an earth house built last century. It is located in a valley with the remains of several earth houses built last century by welsh slate miners.

I extended the house using Cob for the walls. I repaired one wall with Cob successfully - so I thought I would go further.

For information on the Willunga Slate quarries (one of which I live near ) look here


Pictures of the Mud Brick House being built - click on the thumbnails for a larger view.
stacked bricks.gif (42305 bytes) house foundations.gif (110309 bytes)
The stacks of bricks made The foundations poured. They were poured over two days, mixed in several concrete mixers.
house frame.gif (101588 bytes) mix mortar.gif (111474 bytes)
Building the frame. The timber was Jarrah and Kauri from and old Wool Store in Port Adelaide Mixing the mud mortar for laying the bricks
lay bricks.gif (110080 bytes) extending the roof.gif (76162 bytes)
Laying the bricks, which I always thought was the easiest and most fun Extending the roof
working on roof.gif (92653 bytes) house thru trees.jpg (53630 bytes)
Still working on the roof The house view thru the trees
trees valley.gif (119186 bytes) Looking away from the house into the valley