Kayaking and Canoeing

After learning to kayak years ago in scouts, in the early 1990s I enrolled in a sea kayaking course, and then purchased a second hand sea kayak and a Canadian canoe. Since then I have added to my collection with a sit-on-top double, and another sea kayak, and more recently two folding up kayaks a double Greenland II Folbot., and a single K1 Feathercraft

Flooded Coopers Creek August 2010 Paddled the Flooded Coopers Creek west of the birdsville Track for 4 days. for pictures and details of kayaking Coopers Creek pictures go here
Warburton River June 2009 The idea was to paddle down the Warburton to Lake Eyre, but there was not enough water at the Lake Eyre end. However we did canoe some of the Warburton River- for details and pictures go here
Gulf of Thailand August 2004 The kayak was left in Bangkok enabling me to have another go at kayaking in Thailand, this time around Koh Samui - for details and pictures go here
Gulf of Thailand Feb 2004 Judy and I  paddled islands in the east of the Gulf of Thailand  click here for maps and detail
Greenland and Iceland - August and September 2003 Took my Feathercraft K1 kayak to Iceland and then Greenland.  For a map and more pictures of Greenland click here for pictures and maps of kayaking Iceland ckick here
rasmussen-glacier-from-kaya.jpg (35146 bytes) karal-glacier-2-opt.jpg (61783 bytes) sheltering out of wind opt.JPG (61941 bytes) isafjordor-up-close-opt.jpg (64499 bytes)
Rasmussen Glacier from my kayak - the Glacier is 4 kilometres wide! and just to my left the Karal Glacier - extremely calm conditions Sheltering out of the Iceland wind - trekking in Westfjords nearing the end of my 15 kilometre kayak crossing across the fjord to Isafjudor
Tasmania - January 2003

Bathurst Harbour and Port Davey - Tasmania - Australia

Flew from Hobart to Meleluca with my Folbot folding kayak. Paddled from Meleluca through Bathurst Harbour up to Port Davey (see map). A wonderful remote wilderness.
Map of my route through Bathurst harbour and Port Davey Panorama From Schooner Hill overlooking Bramble Cove, very windy while I waited for better weather (takes a while to load) Mt Berry near Bramble Cove, one of the many mountains to climb   A rainbow over a spur of Mount Rugby          
Queensland - July 2002

Whitsundays - Queensland - Australia

I paddled some of the Whitsunday Islands in my single plastic sea kayak, had variable weather, tested out a new sail, spending about 8 days.
 whitsunday-kayak-route-opt.jpg (606624 bytes)
Under sail towards Long island  A rest spot north end of Long Island Getting the sail organised for the upwind trip to Shute Harbour  Whitsundays route map (click on map for an enlarged view - file is large!)
Tasmania - Jan 2002

Freychnet Peninsula - Tasmania - Australia

My son Sam and I Paddled down to the end of Hazards Beach, the weather was not in our favour..
Dcp_0025.jpg (185928 bytes) Dcp_0022.jpg (329730 bytes) landing hazard beach.jpg (77309 bytes)
Stopping for a rest at the northern part of Hazards Beach Looking South from the kayaks along the Freychent  our landing at Hazards Beach campsite
Tasmania - Jan 2002

Gordon River - Tasmania - Australia

My son Sam and I paddled up the Gordon River with two Sea Kayaks from Heritage Landing (via cruise boat from Strahan), up to St Johns Falls and eventually the Franklin River. Got to Shingle Island on the Franklin River..
reflection gordon river.jpg (80465 bytes) reflections gordon river.jpg (183548 bytes) sanbank lower gordon hut.jpg (197517 bytes) gordon-river-kayak-route-op.jpg (214706 bytes)
Sam paddling up the Gordon Reflections on the Gordon River, which is heavily stained with tannin. Sandbank near the Lower Gordon Camp. Gordon River kayaking route (click on map for enlarged view - file is large!)
Border Cliffs (near Renmark South Australia) - Dec/Jan 2002  Paddled with Sam, my mum and Dad, brother Marc, niece Jade from Border cliffs 
Dcp_0013.jpg (76870 bytes) Dcp_0021.jpg (75917 bytes) Dcp_0058.jpg (74431 bytes) new-years-trip.jpg (75158 bytes)
Rafting together to discuss the route, or was it just to share food! The canoes pulled up at the first nights campsite Marc navigating snags on Boat Creek click on map above for itinerary
Lake Eyre - July 2000  Canoeing! - South Australia We took a canoe to the partially flooded Lake Eyre. And we managed to canoe - it wasn't deep, but there was a lot of fish and birdlife. More details on our canoe trip on flooded Lake Eyre click here
halligan-bay-lake-eyre.jpg (19305 bytes) sam-canoe-on-lake-eyre.jpg (25754 bytes) unloading-canoe.jpg (30023 bytes)
Halligans Bay, Lake Eyre Sam getting out into the deep water! Lake Eyre Loading the canoe
Everglades Florida USA- April 1995 Hired a canoe and paddled out onto the Everglades, camped on a platform called a "chickie"
greg-canoeing-everglades.jpg (50169 bytes)
Paddling through the maze that was the Everglades
Border Cliffs / Ral-Ral creek I have done several trips in the Border Cliffs Ral-Ral creek area. Most Maps are out of print - so here are some of the maps scanned in: Ral-Ral canoeing guide (1.3Mb Jpeg )  Chowilla 1.3Mb Jpeg