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 From Wikipedia:

Little Golden Books is a popular series of children's books. The first 12 titles were published October 1, 1942:

1. Three Little Kittens
2. Bedtime Stories
3. Mother Goose
4. Prayers for Children
5. The Little Red Hen
6. Nursery Songs
7. The Alphabet from A to Z
8. The Poky Little Puppy
9. The Golden Book of Fairy Tales
10. Baby's Book of Objects
11. The Animals of Farmer Jones
12. This Little Piggy and Other Counting Rhymes

As of 2005, 15 million copies of The Poky Little Puppy have been sold, including copies in various languages.

The Little Golden Books, which initially sold for 25˘, were published by Simon and Schuster in cooperation with the Artist and Writers Guild, Inc. headed by Georges Duplaix. Duplaix had initially thought up the idea for the Little Golden Book series and fleshed it out in conversations with officials at Simon and Schuster. Dr. Mary Reed a professor at the Teachers College of Columbia University served as initial editor of the series.

Western Printing and Lithographing Company in Racine, Wisconsin, was Simon and Schuster's partner in the Little Golden Books venture. Western handled the actual printing. In 1958, Simon and Schuster sold its interest in Little Golden Books to Western.

Ownership and control of the series has changed several times since. In 2001, Random House acquired Golden Books for about 85 million dollars.

Although the Little Golden Books have remained the backbone of the product line, the enterprise that produced the Little Golden Books has created a variety of children's books in various formats including records, tapes, videos, and even toys and games (the fourth and fifth as "Golden & Design"). Some titles have appeared in several different formats (including but not limited to "A Golden Book").

Many popular authors and illustrators have worked on Little Golden Books and related products including:

* Margaret Wise Brown
* Tibor Gergely
* Corinne Malvern
* Alice Provensen and Martin Provensen
* Feodor Stepanovich Rojankovsky
* Patricia Scarry and Richard Scarry
* Gustaf Tenggren
* Jane Werner Watson
* Eloise Wilkin
* Garth Williams
* Herbert Zim
* Bob Staake
* Mary Blair

Although the details have changed over the years, the Little Golden Books have maintained a distinctive appearance. A copy of The Poky Little Puppy bought today is essentially the same as one printed in 1942. Both are readily recognizable as Little Golden Books. At the time of the golden anniversary, Golden Books claimed that a billion and a half Little Golden Books had been sold.

Some Little Golden Books and related products have featured popular children's icons from other media, eg. Sesame Street, the Muppets, Disney, Barbie, Power Rangers, etc. Television and movie tie-ins have been particularly popular. Over the years Hopalong Cassidy, Cheyenne, Lassie, Rin Tin Tin, Captain Kangaroo, Mister Rogers, and even Donny and Marie have appeared in Little Golden Books.

Many have dealt with nature and science, Bible stories, nursery rhyme, and fairy tales. Christmas titles are popular every year. The fact that many old titles remain in print shows the strong nostalgia appeal of Little Golden Books.

Little Golden Books also have a network called Little Golden Books Network featuring cartoons such as Fantastic Max, Heathcliff, Little Iodine, Inspector Gadget, Muppet Babies, Original Adventures of Felix the Cat and Pink Panther & Sons.[citation needed]

The official Random House website contains an interesting timeline for Little Golden Books.

In the year 2000, Encore Software produced a series of "Little Golden Books" titles for CD Rom, including the Poky Little Puppy, Mother Goose, Jack and the Beanstalk, The Velveteen Rabbit, Tootle, and The Saggy Baggy Elephant. These 6 individual titles were some of the first major software releases to be produced entirely in Macromedia Flash. They appeared in Time Magazine as part of an article entitled How to Raise a Superkid.


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Get Steve Santi WARMAN'S LITTLE GOLDEN BOOKS Price Guide from The Bookshelf of Oz

Just some little Golden Books!

1. 1 2 3 Juggle With Me! A Counting Book
2. 101 Dalmations
3. 101 Dalmations Rainbow Puppies
4. 101 Dalmations Snow Puppies
5. 5 Pennies to Spend
6. ABC Around the House
7. ABC Around the House-wheel
8. ABC Is For Christmas
9. ABC Rhymes
10. About the Seashore
11. Adventures of Goat, The
12. Airplanes
13. Aladdin
14. Aladdin and His Magic Lamp
15. Aladdin the Magic Carpet Ride
16. Albert's Zoo
17. Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves
18. Alice In Wonderland
19. All Aboard
20. All My Chickens
21. Alphabet From A To Z, The
22. Alvin's Daydreams
23. Amanda's First Day of School
24. Amazing Mumford Forgets the Magic Words!, The
25. Anastasia
26. Animal Alphabet From A to Z
27. Animal Babies
28. Animal counting Book
29. Animal Daddies and My Daddy
30. Animal Dictionary
31. Animal Friends
32. Animal Gym
33. Animal Orchestra
34. Animal Paint book
35. Animal Quiz
36. Animal Quiz Book
37. Animal Stamps
38. Animals' ABC
39. Animals and Their Babies
40. Animals' Christmas Eve, The
41. Animals Merry Christmas, The
42. Animals of Farmer Jones, The
43. Animals on the Farm
44. Annabelle's Wish
45. Annie Oakley and the Rustlers
46. Annie Oakley Sharpshooter
47. Another Monster At the End Of This Book
48. Aren't You Glad
49. Aristocats, The
50. Arthur's Good Manners
51. Babes In Toyland
52. Baby Animals
53. Baby Brown Bear's Big Bellyache
54. Baby Dear
55. Baby Farm Animals
56. Baby Fozzie Visits the Doctor
57. Baby Listens
58. Baby Looks
59. Baby Sister
60. Baby's Birthday
61. Baby's Book
62. Baby's Christmas
63. Baby's Day Out
64. Baby's First Book
65. Baby's First Christmas
66. Baby's House
67. Baby's Mother Goose
68. Bambi
69. Bambi Friends of the Forest
70. Bamm-Bamm with Pebbles Flintstone
71. Barbie
72. Barbie A Ballet Story-The Nutcracker
73. Barbie A Fairytale- Cinderella
74. Barbie A Fairytale- Rapunzel
75. Barbie A Happy Holiday
76. Barbie A Picnic Surprise
77. Barbie and the Scavenger Hunt
78. Barbie Holiday Helpers
79. Barbie In the Spotlight
80. Barbie Rapunzel
81. Barbie Sleeping Beauty
82. Barbie Soccer Coach
83. Barbie The Big Splash
84. Barbie The Jewel Thief
85. Barbie The Special Sleepover
86. Barbie Swan Lake
87. Barbie Thumbelina
88. Barney Catch That Hat
89. Barney Sharing Is Caring
90. Barney The Best Christmas Eve!
91. Batter Up!
92. Beach Day
93. Beany Goes To Sea
94. Bear In the Boat, The
95. Bears' New Baby, The
96. Bears' Surprise Party
97. Beauty and the Beast
98. Beauty and the Beast The Enchanted Christmas
99. Beauty and the Beast The Teapot's Tale
100. Bedknobs and Broomsticks
101. Bedtime Stories
102. Ben and Me
103. Benji Fastest Dog In the West
104. Berts' Hall of Great Inventions
105. Best Friends
106. Best of All, The A Story About the Farm
107. Betsy McCall A Paper doll Story Book
108. Bettina Ballerina
109. Between the Lions Bobby the Hopping Robot
110. Between the Lions Hopping Hens, Here
111. Between the Lions Mississippi Skip
112. Between the Lions Snowy Day
113. Bialosky's Special Picnic
114. Bible Heroes
115. Bible Stories From the Old Testament
116. Bible Stories of Boys and Girls
117. Big Bird Brings Spring To Sesame Street
118. Big Bird Meets Santa Claus
119. Big Bird Visits Navajo Country
120. Big Bird's Baby Book
121. Big Bird's Day on the Farm
122. Big Bird's Red Book
123. Big Bird's Ticklish Christmas
124. Big Brown Bear, The
125. Big Elephant, The
126. Big Enough Helper, The
127. Big Little Book, The
128. Big Red
129. Biggest,Most Beautiful Christmas Tree, The
130. Bird Stamps
131. Birds
132. Birds of All Kinds
133. Bisketts In Double Trouble
134. Black Cauldron, The- Taron Finds A Friend
135. Black Hole, The A Spaceship Adventure For Robots
136. Blessing From Above, A
137. Blue Barry Bear Counts From 1 to 20
138. Blue Book of Fairy Tales, The
139. Boats
140. Bob the Builder and the Hungry Bunnies
141. Bobby and His Airplane
142. Bobby the Dog
143. Bongo
144. Boo and the Flying Flews
145. Book of I,J,K,The
146. Book of A, The
147. Book of B,The
148. Book of C, The
149. Book of D,E, The
150. Book of F, The
151. Book of G,H,The
152. Book of God's Gifts, A
153. Book of L,The
154. Book of M,The
155. Book of N, O,The
156. Book of P,Q,The
157. Book of R, The
158. Book of S, The First
159. Book of S, The Second
160. Book of T,U,V, The
161. Book of W,X,Y,Z,The
162. Bouncy Baby Finds His bed, The
163. Bow, Wow, Meow! A First Book Of Sounds
164. Boy and the Tigers, The
165. Boy With A Drum, The
166. Bozo and the Hide N' Seek Elephant
167. Bozo Finds A Friend
168. Bozo the Clown
169. Brave Cowboy Bill
170. Brave Eagle
171. Brave Little Tailor, The
172. Bravest Of All
173. Broken Arrow
174. Brother Bear
175. Brownie Scouts
176. Buck Rogers and the Children Of Hopetown
177. Buffalo Bill Jr.
178. Bugs Bunny
179. Bugs Bunny and the Health Hog
180. Bugs Bunny and the Indians
181. Bugs Bunny and the Pink Flamingos
182. Bugs Bunny at the County Fair
183. Bugs Bunny At the Easter Party
184. Bugs Bunny Calling
185. Bugs Bunny Gets A Job
186. Bugs Bunny Marooned
187. Bugs Bunny Party Pest
188. Bugs Bunny Pirate Island
189. Bugs Bunny Stowaway
190. Bugs Bunny Too Many Carrots
191. Bugs Bunny, Pioneer
192. Bugs Bunny's Birthday
193. Bugs Bunny's Carrot Machine
194. Bullwinkle
195. Bunnies' ABC
196. Bunnies' Counting Book, The
197. Bunny Book, The
198. Bunny Hop, The
199. Bunny's New Shoes
200. Bunny's Magic Tricks
201. Buster Bunny and the Best Friends Ever
202. Buster Cat Goes Out
203. Busy Timmy
204. But You’re a Duck
205. Butterfly Kisses
206. Cabbage Patch Kids Xavier's Birthday Surprise
207. Captain Kangaroo
208. Captain Kangaroo and the Beaver
209. Captain Kangaroo and the Panda
210. Captain Kangaroo's Surprise Party
211. Car and Truck Stamps
212. Cars
213. Cars and Trucks
214. Casper and Friends Boo-o's on First
215. Cat In The Hat, The - the movie
216. Cat Who Climbed the Christmas Tree, The
217. Cat Who Stamped His Feet,The
218. Cats
219. Cave Kids
220. Charlie
221. Charmin' Chatty
222. Chelli and the Great Sandbox Adventure
223. Chelli Tells The Truth
224. Cheltenham's party
225. Cheyenne
226. Chicken Little
227. Child's Garden of Verses, A
228. Child's Year, A
229. Chip N' Dale at the Zoo
230. Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers The Big Cheese Caper
231. Chip, Chip
232. Chipmunks' Merry Christmas, The
233. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
234. Christmas ABC,The
235. Christmas Bunny , The
236. Christmas Carols
237. Christmas Donkey, The
238. Christmas In The Country
239. Christmas Story, The
240. Christmas Tree That Grew, The
241. Christopher and the Columbus
242. Cinderella
243. Cinderella paper doll
244. Cinderella's Friends
245. Cindy Bear
246. Cindy Bear featuring Yogi Bear
247. Circus ABC, The
248. Circus Boy
249. Circus Is In Town, The
250. Circus Time
251. Circus Time with wheel
252. Cleo
253. Clown Coloring Book
254. Cold Blooded Penguin, The
255. Color Kittens, The
256. Colorful Mouse, The
257. Colors
258. Colors Are Nice
259. Come Play House
260. Cookie Monster and the Cookie Tree
261. Corky
262. Corky's Hiccups
263. Count All the WayTo Sesame Street
264. Count to Ten
265. Counting Rhymes
266. Country Mouse and the City Mouse, The
267. Cow and the Elephant, The
268. Cow Went Over the Mountain, The
269. Cowboy ABC
270. Cowboy Mickey
271. Cowboy Stamps
272. Curious Little Kitten Around the House, The
273. Daddies
274. Daddies All About the Work They Do
275. Daisy Dog's Wake-Up Book
276. Dale Evans and the Coyote
277. Dale Evans and The Lost Gold Mine
278. Dan Yacarrino's Mother Goose
279. Daniel Boone
280. Daniel in the Lion's Den
281. Danny Beaver's Secret
282. Darby O'Gill
283. Darkwing Duck The Silly Canine Caper
284. David and Goliath
285. Davy Crockett King of the Wild Frontier
286. Davy Crockett's Keelboat Race
287. Day At the Beach, A
288. Day at the Playground, A
289. Day at the Zoo, A
290. Day In the Jungle, A
291. Day On the Farm, A
292. Day Snuffy Had the Sniffles, The
293. Deep Blue Sea, The
294. Dennis the Menace A Quiet Afternoon
295. Dennis the Menace and Ruff
296. Dennis the Menace Waits for Santa Claus
297. Detective Mickey Mouse
298. Dexter's Laboratory Zappo Chang-O
299. Dick Tracy
300. Dinosaurs
301. Disneyland on The Air
302. Disneyland Parade with Donald Duck
303. Doctor Dan at the Circus
304. Doctor Dan the Bandage Man
305. Doctor Squash the Doll Doctor
306. Dog Stamps
307. Dogs
308. Donald Duck and Santa Claus
309. Donald Duck and the Big Dog
310. Donald Duck and the Biggest Dog In Town
311. Donald Duck and the Christmas Carol
312. Donald Duck and the Mouseketeers
313. Donald Duck and the One Bear
314. Donald Duck and the Witch Next Door
315. Donald Duck in America On Parade
316. Donald Duck in Disneyland
317. Donald Duck Instant Millionaire
318. Donald Duck Lost and Found
319. Donald Duck Private Eye
320. Donald Duck Prize Driver
321. Donald Duck Some Ducks Have All the Luck
322. Donald Duck's Adventure
323. Donald Duck's Christmas Tree
324. Donald Duck's Safety Book
325. Donald Duck's Toy Sailboat
326. Donald Duck's Toy Train
327. Donny and Marie The Top Secret Project
328. Double Trouble A Story About Twins
329. Dr. Ruth, Grandma On Wheels
330. Dragon In the Wagon, A
331. Duck and His Friends
332. Duck Tales The Hunt For the Giant Pearl
333. Duck Tales The Secret City Under the Sea
334. Dumbo
335. Elephant On Wheels
336. Elmo Loves You
337. Elmo's 12 Days Of Christmas
338. Elmo's New Puppy
339. Elmo's Tricky Tongue Twisters
340. Eloise Wilkin's Mother Goose
341. Elves and The Shoemaker,The
342. Emerald City of Oz, The
343. Emperor's New Clothes, The
344. Ernie's Work of Art
345. Exploring Space
346. Fairy Princess, The -Superstar Barbie
347. Fairy Tale Theater-Rapunzel
348. Family Circus, The Daddy's Surprise Day
349. Farm Stamps
350. Farmyard Friends
351. Favorite Nursery Tales
352. Feelings From A to Z
353. Finding Nemo
354. Fire Engines
355. Fire Engines to the Rescue
356. Fire Fighter's Counting Book, The
357. Fireball X15
358. Firemen and Fire Engines stamps
359. First Bible Stories
360. First Airplane Ride, A
361. First Golden Geography, The
362. First Little Golden Book of Fairy Tales, The
363. First Steps Look, Elmo's Walking
364. Five Little Fireman
365. Fix It , Please
366. Flintstones, The
367. Fly High
368. Flying Car, The
369. Flying Dinosaurs
370. Flying Is Fun!
371. Forest Hotel A Counting Story
372. Four Little Kittens
373. Four Puppies
374. Four Seasons, the
375. Fox and the Hound, The Hide & Seek
376. Fox Jumped Up One Winter's Night, A
377. Fozzie's Fabulous Easter Parade
378. Fozzie's Funnies
379. Friendly Book, The
380. Friendly Bunny, The
381. Fritzi Goes Home
382. From Then To Now
383. From Trash To Treasure
384. Frosty Day,A
385. Frosty the Snowman
386. Fun For Hunkydory
387. Fun With Decals
388. Funny Bunny
389. Fury
390. Fury Takes A Jump
391. Fuzzy Duckling,The
392. Garfield and the Space Cat
393. Garfield The Cat Show
394. Gaston and Josephine
395. Gay Purree
396. Gene Autry
397. Gene Autry and Champion
398. Georgie Finds A Grandpa
399. Gerald Mc Boing Boing
400. Giant Who Wanted Company, The
401. Giant With The Three Golden Hairs, The
402. Gifts of Christmas, The
403. Ginger Paper Doll
404. Gingerbread Man, The
405. Gingerbread Shop, The
406. Ginghams, The The Backward Picnic
407. Golden Book of Birds,The
408. Golden Book of Fairy Tales,The
409. Golden Book of Flowers,The
410. Golden Egg Book,The
411. Golden Goose, The A Folk Tale
412. Golden Sleepy Book,The
413. Goliath II
414. Good Humor Man, The
415. Good Little , Bad Little Girl
416. Good Morning, Good Night
417. Good Night, Aunt Lily
418. Good Night, Little Bear
419. Good Old Days,The
420. Good-By Day, The
421. Good-bye Tonsils
422. Goof Troop Great Egg-spectations
423. Goofy Movie Star
424. Gordon's Jet Flight
425. Grandpa and Grandma Smith
426. Grandpa Bunny
427. Grover Takes Care Of Baby
428. Grovers Guide To Good Manners
429. Grover's Own Alphabet
430. Growing Up Grouchy
431. Guess Who Lives Here
432. Gull That Lost The Sea, The
433. Gunsmoke
434. Halloween ABC
435. Hansel and Gretel
436. Hansel and Gretel paper doll
437. Happy and Sad, Grouchy and Glad
438. Happy Birthday
439. Happy Days
440. Happy Family, The
441. Happy Farm Animals, The
442. Happy Golden ABC,The
443. Happy Little Whale
444. Happy Man and His Dump Truck,The
445. Hat For the Queen,A
446. Heidi
447. Helicopters
448. Hercules
449. Hercules A Race To The Rescue
450. Here Comes A Parade
451. Here Comes the Band
452. Heroes of the Bible
453. Hey There! It's Yogi Bear
454. Hi Ho ! Three In A Row
455. Hiawatha
456. Hiram's Red Shirt
457. Ho Ho Ho! Baby Fozzie!
458. Hokey Wolf and Ding A Ling
459. Home For A Bunny
460. Home On the Range
461. Hop, Little Kangaroo!
462. Hopalong Cassidy and the Bar 20 Cowboy
463. Horses
464. House For A Mouse, A
465. House That Jack Built, The
466. Houses
467. How Big?
468. How Does Your Garden Grow?
469. How the Camel Got His Hump
470. How the Leopard Got His Spots
471. How the Turtle Got His Shell
472. How the Zebra Got His Stripes
473. How Things Grow
474. How to Tell Time
475. Howdy Doody and Clarabelle
476. Howdy Doody and His Magic Hat
477. Howdy Doody and Mr. Bluster
478. Howdy Doody and Santa Claus
479. Howdy Doody and the Princess
480. Howdy Doody in Funland
481. Howdy Doody's Animal Friends
482. Howdy Doody's Circus
483. Howdy Doody's Lucky Trip
484. Huckleberry Hound and His Friends
485. Huckleberry Hound and the Christmas Sleigh
486. Huckleberry Hound Builds a House
487. Huckleberry Hound Safety Signs
488. Hunchback of Notre Dame, The
489. Hunchback Of Notre Dame, The-Quasimodo the Hero
490. Hunchback of Notre Dame, The-Quasimodo's New Friend
491. Hurry-Up Halloween Costume, The
492. Hush Hush It's Sleepytime
493. I Can Fly
494. I Can't Wait Until Christmas
495. I Don't Want To Go
496. I Have A Secret
497. I Like To Live In the City
498. I Love You, Daddy!
499. I Love You, Mommy!
500. I Think About God Two Stories About My Day
501. I Think That It Is Wonderful
502. If I Had A Dog
503. I'm An Indian Today
504. Indian Stamps
505. Indian, Indian
506. Insect Stamps
507. Inspector Gadget In Africa
508. It's Howdy Doody Time
509. J, Fred Muggs
510. Jack and the Beanstalk
511. Jack's Adventure
512. Jamie Looks
513. Jenny's New Brother
514. Jenny's Summer Surprise
515. Jerry At School
516. Jetsons,The
517. Jiminy Cricket Fire fighter
518. Jingle Bell Jack
519. Jingle Bells
520. Johnny Appleseed
521. Johnny's Machines
522. Jolly Barnyard, The
523. Jungle Book, The
524. Just A Bad Day
525. Just A Little Different
526. Just For Fun
527. Just Imagine A Book Of Fairyland Rhymes
528. Just Like Dad
529. Just Say Please
530. Just Watch Me!
531. Katie the Kitten
532. Kermit ,Save the Swamp!
533. King Midas and the Golden Touch
534. Kitten Who Thought He Was A Mouse, The
535. Kitten's Surprise,The
536. Kitty On the Farm
537. Kitty's New Doll
538. Koala Brothers Mitzi's Day Out
539. Laddie and the Little Rabbit
540. Laddie the Superdog
541. Lady
542. Lady and the Tramp
543. Lady Lovelylocks and the Pixietails-Silkypup Saves the Day
544. Land of the Lost The Surprise Guests
545. Large and Growly Bear,The
546. Lassie and Her Day In the Sun
547. Lassie and the Big Clean-Up Day
548. Lassie and the Daring Rescue
549. Lassie and the Lost Explorer
550. Lassie Shows the Way
551. Lasso the Moon
552. Leave It To Beaver
553. Let's Fly a Kite, Charlie Brown!
554. Let's Go Shopping
555. Let's Go Trucks!
556. Let's Save Money
557. Let's Visit the Dentist
558. Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp,The
559. Lily Pig's Book of Colors
560. Linda and Her Little Sister
561. Lion King, The
562. Lion King,The Cave Monster
563. Lion King,The No Worries
564. Lion's Mixed-Up Friends
565. Lion's Paw,The
566. Lippy the Lion and Hardy Har Har
567. Little Benny Wanted a Pony
568. Little Black Puppy,The
569. Little Black Sambo
570. Little Book,The
571. Little Boy and the Giant,The
572. Little Boy With A Big Horn
573. Little Brown Bear
574. Little Cottontail
575. Little Crow
576. Little Engine That Could,The
577. Little Eskimo, The
578. Little Fat Policeman,The
579. Little Galoshes
580. Little Golden ABC,The
581. Little Golden Book of Dogs, The
582. Little Golden Book of Holidays,The
583. Little Golden Book of Hymns, The
584. Little Golden Book of Jokes & Riddles,The
585. Little Golden Book of Poetry,The
586. Little Golden Book of Uncle Wiggly,The
587. Little Golden Book of Words,The
588. Little Golden Cut-Out Christmas Manger,The
589. Little Golden Funny Book, The
590. Little Golden Holiday Book,The
591. Little Golden Mother Goose,The
592. Little Golden Paper Dolls,The
593. Little Golden Picture Dictionary
594. Little Gray Donkey
595. Little Indian,The
596. Little Lost Kitten
597. Little Lulu
598. Little Lulu and Her Magic Tricks
599. Little Man of Disneyland
600. Little Mermaid, The Ariel's Adventure
601. Little Mermaid,The
602. Little Mommy
603. Little Mouse's Book of Colors
604. Little PeeWee Or, Now Open the Box
605. Little PeeWee the Circus Dog Or, Now Open the Box
606. Little Pond in the Woods
607. Little *censored*cat
608. Little Red Caboose,The
609. Little Red Hen,The
610. Little Red Riding Hood
611. Little Red Riding Hood paper doll
612. Little Trapper,The
613. Little Yip Yip and His Bark
614. Littlest Christmas Elf,The
615. Littlest Raccoon
616. Lively Little Rabbit,The
617. Lone Ranger and the Talking Pony,The
618. Lone Ranger and Tonto,The
619. Lone Ranger,The
620. Loopy de Loop Goes West
621. Lord Is My Shepherd,The
622. Love Bug,The
623. Lucky Mrs. Ticklefeather
624. Lucky Puppy
625. Lucky Puppy,The
626. Lucky Rabbit
627. Ludwig Von Drake
628. Machines
629. Mad Hatter's Tea Party
630. Madeline
631. Magic Compass,The A Mary Poppins Story
632. Magic Friend-maker,The
633. Magic Next Door,The
634. Magic Wagon,The
635. Magilla Gorilla
636. Make Way For the Highway
637. Make Way For the Thruway
638. Make Your Own( blank book)
639. Manni the Donkey
640. Many Faces of Ernie,The
641. Marvelous Merry Go Round,The
642. Mary Poppins
643. Mary Poppins A Jolly Holiday
644. Maverick
645. McKids New Kid In School
646. Me Cookie
647. Merry Shipwreck,The
648. Mickey and Fiends Let's Go To the Fire Station
649. Mickey and Friends Haunted Halloween
650. Mickey and Friends Let's Go To the Airport
651. Mickey and Friends Let's Go To the Dairy Farm
652. Mickey and Friends Let's Go To the Vet
653. Mickey and the Beanstalk
654. Mickey Mouse and Goofy The Big Bear Scare
655. Mickey Mouse and His Spaceship
656. Mickey Mouse and Pluto Pup
657. Mickey Mouse and the Great Lot Plot
658. Mickey Mouse and the Best Neighbor Contest
659. Mickey Mouse and the Missing Mouseketeers
660. Mickey Mouse and the Mouseketeers-Ghost Town Adventure
661. Mickey Mouse Club Stamp Book
662. Mickey Mouse Flies the Christmas Mail
663. Mickey Mouse Goes Christmas Shopping
664. Mickey Mouse Heads for the Sky
665. Mickey Mouse the Kitten Sitters
666. Mickey Mouse Those Were the Days
667. Mickey Mouse's Picnic
668. Mickey's Christmas Carol
669. Mickey's Walt Disney World Adventure
670. Mike and Melissa Paper Dolls
671. Mike's Dirty, Yucky, Icky, Sticky Adventure
672. Minnie n' Me Where's Fifi?
673. Minnie's Slumber Party
674. Miss Piggy Queen of Hearts
675. Missing Wedding Dress featuring Barbie,The
676. Mister Dog
677. Mister Ed the Talking Horse
678. Mister Rogers' Neighborhood Henrietta Meets Someone New
679. Mommies All About the Work They Do
680. Monster At the End Of This Book,The
681. Monster! Monster!
682. Monster's Picnic,The
683. More Mother Goose Rhymes
684. Mother Goose
685. Mother Goose in the City
686. Moving Day
687. Mr. Bear's Birthday
688. Mr. Bell's Fixit Shop
689. Mr. Meyer's Cow
690. Mr. Noah and His Family
691. Mr. Wiggs Birthday Party A Mary Poppins Story
692. Mr.Puffer-Bill Train Engineer
693. Mrs. Brisby and the Magic Stone
694. Mulan
695. Muppet Treasure Island
696. Musicians of Bremen,The
697. My Baby Brother
698. My Baby Sister
699. My Book of Poems
700. My Christmas Book
701. My Christmas Treasury
702. My Daddy Is A Policeman
703. My Dolly and Me
704. My First Book
705. My First Book of Bible Stories
706. My First Book of Planets
707. My First Book of Sounds
708. My First Counting Book
709. My Home
710. My Kindergarten Counting Book
711. My Kitten
712. My Little Dinosaur
713. My Little Golden Animal Book
714. My Little Golden Book About Cats
715. My Little Golden Book About God
716. My Little Golden Book About the Sky
717. My Little Golden Book About Travel
718. My Little Golden Book Of Cars and Trucks
719. My Little Golden Book Of Dogs
720. My Little Golden Book Of Fairy Tales
721. My Little Golden Book Of Jokes
722. My Little Golden Book Of Manners
723. My Little Golden Calendar for 1961
724. My Little Golden Dictionary
725. My Little Golden Mother Goose
726. My Little Golden Word Book
727. My Own Grandpa
728. My Puppy
729. My Snuggly Bunny
730. My Teddy Bear
731. My Word Book
732. Name For Kitty, A
733. National Velvet
734. Naughty Bunny
735. Neatos and the Litterbug In the Mystery Of the Missing Ticket,The
736. Never Pat A Bear A Book About Signs
737. New Baby,The
738. New Brother, New Sister
739. New Friends For the Saggy Baggy Elephant
740. New Home for Snowball,A
741. New House In the Forest,The
742. New Kittens,The
743. New Pony,The
744. New Puppy,The
745. Night Before Christmas,The
746. Noah's Ark
747. Noel
748. Noises and Mr. Flibberty Jib
749. Numbers
750. Nurse Nancy
751. Nursery Rhymes
752. Nursery Songs
753. Nursery Tales
754. Nutcracker,The
755. Oh! Little Rabbit
756. Old MacDonald Had a Farm
757. Old Mother Goose and Other Nursery Rhymes
758. Old Mother Hubbard
759. Old Yeller
760. Once Upon A Wintertime
761. One of the family
762. Ookpik the Artic Owl
763. Open Up My Suitcase
764. Oscar's Book
765. Oscar's New Neighbor
766. Our Baby
767. Our Flag
768. Our Puppy
769. Our World
770. Out Of My Window
771. Owl and the *censored*cat,The
772. Pal and Peter
773. Pano the Train
774. Pantaloon
775. Paper Doll Wedding,The
776. Paper Doll Wedding,The-activity
777. Paper Dolls-activity book
778. Party in Shariland
779. Party Pig,The
780. Pat-A-Cake Baby's Mother Goose
781. Paul Revere
782. Pebbles Flintstone
783. Pepper Plays Nurse
784. Perri and Her Friends
785. Pet In A Jar,The
786. Peter and the Wolf
787. Peter Cottontail and the Great Mitten Hunt
788. Peter Cottontail Is On His Way
789. Peter Pan
790. Peter Pan and the Indians
791. Peter Pan and the Pirates
792. Peter Pan and Wendy
793. Peter Potamus
794. Peter Rabbit
795. Pete's Dragon
796. Petey and I
797. Pets For Peter
798. Pick Up Sticks
799. Pied Piper,The
800. Pierre Bear
801. Pierrot's ABC Garden
802. Pink Panther and Sons fun At the Picnic
803. Pink Panther in the Haunted House
804. Pinocchio
805. Pinocchio and the Whale
806. Pixie and Dixie and Mr. Jinks
807. Play Ball
808. Play Street
809. Play With Me
810. Please and Thank you
811. Pluto and the Adventure of the Golden Scepter
812. Pluto Pup Goes To Sea
813. Pochantas
814. Pochantas The Voice In the Wind
815. Pocketful Of Nonsense
816. Pokemon-The First Movie-Mewtwo Fights Back
817. Poky and Friends- Tails of Friendship
818. Poky and Friends- The Haunted Tracks
819. Poky Little Puppy Comes To Sesame Street,The
820. Poky Little Puppy Follows His Nose Home,The
821. Poky Little Puppy Hungry Little Puppies
822. Poky Little Puppy, The
823. Poky Little Puppy's First Christmas,The
824. Poky Little Puppy's Naughty Day,The
825. Poky Little Puppy's Special Day,The
826. Pollyanna
827. Polly's Pet
828. Pony For Tony, A
829. Pooh Eeyore, Be Happy
830. Pooh Eeyore,You’re the Best
831. Pooh King of the Beasties
832. Pooh Pooh and the Dragon
833. Pooh The Best Thanksgiving Day
834. Pooh The Grand and Wonderful Day
835. Pooh The Great Riddle Contest
836. Pooh The Swetest Christmas
837. Pooh The Very Best Easter Bunny
838. Pooh Trick or Treat
839. Pooh Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree
840. Pooh's Grand Adventure- The Search For Christopher Robin
841. Porky Pig and Bugs Bunny Just Like Magic
842. Pound Puppies- Loveable Huggable Problem Puppies
843. Pound Puppies-Loveable Huggable Pick of the Litter
844. PowerPuff Girls, Big Terrible Trouble
845. PowerPuff Girls, Creature Teacher
846. Prayers for Children
847. Precious Moments Let's Be Thankful
848. Precious Moments Put On A Happy Face
849. Prince and the Pauper
850. Princess and the Pea,The
851. Puff the Blue Kitten
852. Puppy Love
853. Puppy On The Farm
854. Puss in Boots
855. *censored* Willow
856. *censored*cat Tiger,The
857. Quick Draw McGraw
858. Quint's The Cleanup
859. Rabbit and His Friends
860. Rabbit Is Next,The
861. Rabbit's Adventure,The
862. Raggedy Ann and Andy Five Birthday Parties
863. Raggedy Ann and Andy The Little Grey Kitten
864. Raggedy Ann and Andy and the Rainy Day Circus
865. Raggedy Ann and Andy Help Santa Claus
866. Raggedy Ann and Fido
867. Raggedy Ann and the Cookie Snatcher
868. Rags
869. Rainbow Brite and the Brook Meadow Deer
870. Rainy Day Playbook
871. Rapunzel
872. Reading, Writing and Spelling
873. Ready! Set! Go! A Counting Book
874. Red Little Golden Book Of Fairy Tales,The
875. Remarkably Strong Pippi Longstocking,The
876. Rescuers Down Under,The
877. Rescuers,The
878. Return To Oz Dorothy Saves the Emerald City
879. Return To Oz Escape From the Witch's Castle
880. Riddles, Riddles From A to Z
881. Right's Animal Farm
882. RinTinTin and Rusty
883. RinTinTin and the Last Indian
884. RinTinTin and the Outlaw
885. Road Runner,The A Very Scary Lesson
886. Road Runner,The Mid Mesa Marathon
887. Road To Oz,The
888. Robert and His New Friends
889. Robin Hood
890. Robin Hood and the Daring Mouse
891. Robotman and His Friends At School
892. Rocky and His Friends
893. Romper Room DoBees A Book About Manners
894. Romper Room Exercise Book
895. Ronald McDonald and the Talking Plant,The Tale Of
896. Rootie Kazootie Baseball Star
897. Rootie Kazootie Detective
898. Rootie Kazootie Joins the Circus
899. Roy Rogers and Cowboy Toby
900. Roy Rogers and the Indian Sign
901. Roy Rogers and the Mountain Lion
902. Roy Rogers and the New Cowboy
903. RS Best Balloon Ride Ever
904. RS Best Little Word Book Ever
905. RS Busiest Fire Fighters Ever
906. RS Chipmunks ABC
907. RS Chipmunk's ABC
908. RS Floating Bananas
909. RS Hilda Needs Help
910. RS Mr. Frumble's Coffee Shop Disaster
911. RS Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
912. RS The Snowstorm Surprise
913. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
914. Rudolph the Red-Nosed reindeer Oh, Nose!
915. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Shines Again
916. Ruff and Reddy
917. Rumpelstiltskin
918. Rumpelstiltskin and the Princess and the Pea
919. Runaway Squash,The An American Folktale
920. Rupert the Rhinoceros
921. Rusty Goes To School
922. Saggy Baggy Elephant,The
923. Saggy Baggy Elephant,The No Place For Me
924. Sailor Dog,The
925. Sam the Firehouse Cat
926. Santa's Surprise Book
927. Santa's Toy Shop
928. Savage Sam
929. Scamp The Adventures of a Little Puppy
930. Scamp's Adventure
931. Scarebunny,The
932. School Play,The
933. Scooby-Doo and the Pirate Treasure
934. Scooby-Doo That's Snow Ghost
935. Scooby-Doo The Haunted Carnival
936. Scuffy the Tugboat
937. Sesame Street The Together Book
938. Sesame Street's Mother Goose Rhymes
939. Seven Dwarfs Find A House
940. Seven Little Postmen
941. Seven Sneezes,The
942. Shaggy Dog,The
943. Shall We Dance A Book Of Opposites
944. Shazam! A Circus Adventure
945. Shoelace Box, The
946. Shy Little Kitten,The
947. Shy Little Kittens' Secret Place,The
948. Silly Sisters,The
949. Sing With Me My Name Is Ernie
950. Singing Games
951. Sleeping Beauty
952. Sleeping Beauty and the Good Fairies
953. Sleeping Beauty paper doll
954. Sleepy Book,The
955. Sleepytime ABC
956. Sly Little Bear and Other Bears
957. Smokey and His Animal Friends
958. Smokey Bear and the Campers
959. Smokey Bear Find A Helper
960. Smokey the Bear
961. Snoring Monster,The
962. Snow White and Rose Red
963. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
964. So Big
965. Sorcerer's Apprentice,The
966. Sport Goofy and the Racing Robot
967. Star Wars Adventure In Beggar's Canyon
968. Star Wars Meltdown on Hoth
969. Steve Canyon
970. Stop and Go A Safety Book
971. Store Bought Doll,The
972. Stories of Jesus
973. Story of Baby Jesus,The
974. Story of Easter,The
975. Story of Jesus,The
976. Story of Jonah,The
977. Summer Vacation
978. Supercar
979. Surprise For Mickey Mouse
980. Surprise For Sally
981. Susan In the Driver's Seat
982. Susie's New Stove
983. Swiss Family Robinson
984. Sword and the Stone,The
985. Taking Care Of Mom
986. Tale Of Peter Rabbit,The
987. Tales of Wells Fargo
988. Talespin Ghost Ship
989. Tammy paper doll
990. Tarzan
991. Tawny Scrawny Lion and the Clever Monkey,The
992. Tawny Scrawny Lion Saves the Day,The
993. Tawny Scrawny Lion,The
994. Taxi That Hurried,The
995. Ten Items Or Less A Counting Book
996. Ten Little Animals
997. Tex and His Toys
998. Theodore Mouse Goes to Sea
999. Theodore Mouse Up In the Air
1000. There Are Tyrannosaurs Trying On Pants In My Bedroom
1001. Things I Like
1002. Things In My House
1003. This Is My Body
1004. This Is My Family
1005. This Little Piggy and Other Counting Rhymes
1006. Thomas and the Big, Big Bridge
1007. Three Bears,The
1008. Three Bedtime Stories
1009. Three Billy Goats Gruff,The
1010. Three Little Kittens
1011. Three Little Pigs
1012. Through the Picture Frame
1013. Thumbelina
1014. Thumper
1015. Tickety-Tock What Time Is It?
1016. Tickle Me My Name Is Elmo
1017. Tiger's Adventure
1018. Time For Bed
1019. Timid Little Kitten,The
1020. Timothy Tiger's Terrible Toothache
1021. Tin Woodman of Oz,The
1022. Tiny Dinosaurs
1023. Tiny Tawny Kitten,The
1024. Tiny Toon Adventures Buster Hood
1025. Tiny Toon Adventures Happy Birthday Babs!
1026. Tiny Toon Adventures Lost In the Fun House
1027. Toad Flies High
1028. Toby Tyler
1029. Tom and Jerry
1030. Tom and Jerry Meet Little Quack
1031. Tom and Jerry's Merry Christmas
1032. Tom and Jerry's Party
1033. Tom and Jerry's Photo Finish
1034. Tom Thumb
1035. Tommy Visits the Doctor
1036. Tommy's Camping Adventure
1037. Tommy's Wonderful Rides
1038. Tonka
1039. Tootle
1040. Tootle and Katy Caboose A Special Treasure
1041. Top Cat
1042. Topsy Turvy Circus
1043. Tortise and the Hare,The
1044. Touche Turtle
1045. Toy Soldiers,The
1046. Toys
1047. Train To Timbuctoo,The
1048. Trains Stamp Book
1049. Trim The Christmas Tree
1050. Trucks-activity book
1051. Tweety and Sylvestor Birds of a Feather
1052. Tweety Plays Catch With the Puddy Tat
1053. Tweety's Global Patrol
1054. Twelve Dancing Princesses,The
1055. Twelve Days of Christmas,The
1056. Twins,The
1057. Two Little Gardeners
1058. Two Little Miners
1059. Ugly Dachshund,The
1060. Ugly Duckling,The
1061. Ukelele and Her New Doll
1062. Uncle Mistletoe
1063. Uncle Remus
1064. Underdog and the Disappering Ice Cream
1065. Up In the Attic A Story ABC
1066. Velveteen Rabbit,The
1067. Very Best Home For Me,The
1068. Very Busy Barbie
1069. Visit To the Children's Zoo, A
1070. Wacky Witch and the Mystery of the King's Gold
1071. Wagon Train
1072. Wait-For-Me Kitten,The
1073. Wake Up, Groundhog
1074. Wally Gator
1075. Waltons and the Birthday Present,The
1076. Water Babies
1077. We Help Daddy
1078. We Help Mommy
1079. We Like Kindergarten
1080. We Like To Do Things
1081. We Love Grandpa
1082. Wedding Is Beautiful, A
1083. Welcome To Little golden Book Land
1084. Whales
1085. What Am I?
1086. What If?
1087. What Lily Goose Found
1088. What Will I Be?
1089. What's Next, Elephant
1090. What's Up In the Attic?
1091. Wheels
1092. When Bunny Grows Up
1093. When I Grow Up
1094. When You Were A Baby
1095. Where Did Baby Go?
1096. Where Do Kisses Come From?
1097. Where Is the Bear?
1098. Where Is the Poky Little Puppy?
1099. Where Jesus Lived
1100. Where Will All the Animals Go?
1101. Where's Woodstock?
1102. Which Witch Is Which?
1103. Whispering Rabbit,The
1104. Whistling Wizard
1105. White Bunny and His Magic Nose,The
1106. Who Comes to Your House?
1107. Who Needs A Cat?
1108. Who Took the Top Hat Trick?
1109. Wiggles
1110. Wild Animal Babies
1111. Wild Animals
1112. Wild Kingdom A Can You Guess Book
1113. Willie Found A Wallet
1114. Winky Dink
1115. Winnie-the-Pooh A Day To Remember
1116. Winnie-the-Pooh and the Honey Patch
1117. Winnie-the-Pooh and the Honey Tree
1118. Winnie-the-Pooh and the Missing Bullhorn
1119. Winnie-the-Pooh and Tigger
1120. Winnie-the-Pooh Eeyore, Be Happy
1121. Winnie-the-Pooh Meets Gopher
1122. Winnie-the-Pooh The Honey Tree
1123. Winnie-the-Pooh The Special Morning
1124. Wizard of Oz,The
1125. Wizards' Duel,The
1126. Wonder of Easter,The
1127. Wonderful House,The
1128. Wonderful School,The
1129. Wonders of Nature
1130. Woodsy Owl and the Trailbikers
1131. Woody Woodpecker
1132. Woody Woodpecker At the Circus
1133. Woody Woodpecker Drawing Fun For Beginners
1134. Woody Woodpecker Takes A Trip
1135. Words
1136. Words with wheel
1137. Words-activity book
1138. Yakky Doodle and Chopper
1139. Year In the City, A
1140. Year On the Farm, A
1141. Yogi Bear
1142. Yogi Bear A Christmas Visit
1143. Zorro
1144. Zorro and the Secret Plan