The longest Monday ever

I think that our Monday June 9th has lasted 40+ hours, and it’s only 10pm here now. We landed at LAX an hour early, got through immigration fairly quickly, all our luggage was waiting for us at Carousel 6, picked up the rental car – a Chevy Cruz, which is the same as a Holden Cruz. Considered ‘small’ by US standards, but we had one the last time we were here. It got us all the way across the US from west to east and back again, so it will do the same this time, from south to north and back again.

We have been reading about Trader Joe’s recently, so called in to visit one and see what it’s like. They are now owned by Aldi, but have a more ‘wholefoods’ feel to them. We bought a few things, including a bottle of Sauv Blanc for $2.49, but need a corkscrew to open it … oops.

Here’s today’s theme song, we’re in Santa Nella, just south of Sacramento

On the I-5 heading north, Mount Shasta covered in snow in the background

On the I-5 heading north, Mount Shasta covered in snow in the background


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9 Responses to The longest Monday ever

  1. says:

    Going to see the Eagles again in March. :)

    I might just fly ‘over you’ on 1st July via Vancouver en route to Toronto.


    • Judy says:

      March! That’s forward planning. I’ll watch out for your plane, Mon. Have a great time in Toronto – are you travelling around, & if so, where else are you going?

  2. Margaret & Derick Smith says:

    Love the Eagles. Aldi’s seem to be taking over the world. Getting very popular in the UK, possibly due to their prices . I always buy my latte there. Have a good day xx

    • Judy says:

      We’ve been waiting for years and years for Aldi to make it to Adelaide, and they recently announced that they are finally opening one south of the city, kind of between our place and Fay & Ron’s

  3. sally says:

    Music is improving . I believe the Eagles are touring later this year .
    Do they have Aldi as well as Trader Joe’s ? Aldi here sells very reasonably priced wine too . x

    • Judy says:

      I don’t think Aldi is here under their own name, Sal. But will keep an eye out for them and let you know. We’re excited because the first store is (FINALLY!!) opening in ADL later this year.

  4. Anne says:

    The Eagles! My all time favorite. The first live concert I went to in Vancouver back in, oh well let’s leave that date out! Oh, those overseas flights are killers aren’t they, but it will all be behind you soon. Ax

    • Judy says:

      This flight was pretty good actually – a few hours to Auckland, a long walk to get to the next departure gate, then an 11 hour flight which was shortened to 10 hours due to favourable winds.But yes, overseas flights are hard. Doesn’t put me off travelling, though.
      Wishing you and Roger a great trip! xx

  5. says:

    Not much travelling except around Toronto Judy. Going with my sister for a nephew’s wedding on 19 July. Hopefully see a few more sights we missed in ’08 but will be a bit restricted with family things happening around the wedding event.

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