Leaving Bellingham

We’re on the ferry to Skagway, Alaska. Our plans for putting our tent up on the upper deck have been abandoned due to wind, and it hasn’t started raining yet, but that would have been a further deterrent. So instead we have a couple of sunbeds in the solarium. I chatted with a guy who had done this trip last year with a tent, which lasted less than a day, and this time he has a sunbed.
We had lunch with our gorgeous Dutch friend Mickey, caught up on her news, swapped a few more travel stories and promised we’d see her and her husband somewhere interesting soon. We first met in New York, caught up in Paris and met her future husband then, and have also had them to our place for a meal. I wonder where in the world we’ll see each other next.

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  1. ron says:

    I really didnt think you where for about putting a tent up on the boat deck but I can now see that you where Mt St Helens was not that the one that blew its top some years ago, Greg let me know when you buy pan cakes strawberry jam and cream at a diner Ill share it with you is Pat still a hunting man.

    • Judy says:

      We reconsidered about the tent and we’re glad that we did – I’m just about to start a whole post on our ferry trip, which was really, really great. Yes, Mt St Helens erupted in 1980.Pat remembers hearing it from their place a few hundred kms north. He’s still a hunting man. It was good to see him and Gail again.

  2. Margaret & Derick Smith says:

    Judy ,did you get to the Mall in Bellingham? . This is where we saw and bought Cinnamon Buns, they make them for you as you wait . Delicious smell!!. Love the pictures of your sleeping facilities on the boat . Wonderful to meet up with friends . xx

    • Judy says:

      Hi Margaret, no, we only had a few hours in Bellingham, just enough time to have lunch with Mickey, then we had to queue up to put the car on the ferry. xx

  3. Margaret & Derick Smith says:

    Lovely pictures I particularly like the one of you and Greg with the snow capped mountains in the background. Derick’s sister lived very close to Mount St Helens when it blew up . (Airforce base at Spokane ) so heard all about it. Have a great day xx

    • Judy says:

      Thanks Margaret. We were going to do a ‘selfie’, just to prove that we are both still here, and a woman offered to take the photo for us … which started a bit of a chain reaction of people getting people to take photos. There was a father and son travelling together to celebrate the son’s getting his Master’s degree in English, and we took photos of them with their camera (Dad’s) and smartphone (son’s).

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