McMansions on Wheels

We are travelling around the USA in what in Australia would be a medium sized car. We have a tent and cooking equipment and most things we need. We are surrounded however by these monstrous RV’s . We keep mistaking these RV’s for buses, and that is because that is how big they are. We have only recently noticed an even larger version of RV. It has twin rear axles, which makes it by my calculations heavier that 16 tonnes. They usually tow a car as well. And how many people you might ask are in these monster RV’s? Usually two. These RVs cannot fit into lots of RV parks, and thankfully they cannot fit into most of the parks we camp at. Here is a picture of one next to our car.

Monster RV versus our car (ours is the grey one). The white car is their tow car.

Monster RV versus our car (ours is the grey one). The white car is their tow car.


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6 Responses to McMansions on Wheels

  1. David Rimmer says:

    Well you know the North American dictum. Nothing exceeds like excess!

    • Judy says:

      Oh yes indeed! Although we saw 6 RV storage places all with loads of RVs in them as we drove between Calgary and Fort MacLeod, so they are popular north of the border as well …. probably not the huge ones like in the photo, though. xx

  2. Mickey says:

    Some people sell their house and live in one of those monsters…

    • judy says:

      I really want to see inside some of these – I’m sure they have more rooms and space than our house!

  3. Margaret & Derick Smith says:

    That’s the American’s for you, have to have bigger than anybody else . Like to see them arrive in UK in one of these never get through our country lanes or tackle the numerous roundabouts.

    • Judy says:

      They can be fairly limited here where they can travel too – it’s impossible to back one of those things, and hard to see out of the super-wide side mirrors if the rig isn’t straight-on

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