Portland, Oregon

Long day’s drive, from south of Sacramento, California to Portland, Oregon. The Rose capital of the US … and the roses we’ve seen growing here so far are superb! We decided to have a fasting day today (we’ve been doing the 5:2 diet for 12 months or so, but haven’t really followed it while travelling before now) … which might not have been a good day to not eat much, but we got through it okay, thanks to a lot of black coffee (me) and Pepsi Max (Greg). We stopped often to stretch our legs, mostly at the excellent rest areas along the I5. There’s  a lot of traffic on the freeway, but so far we haven’t seen many RVs or caravans. Might be a bit early for vacationers yet.

We’ll get to our friends Gail and Pat’s in Big Lake, near Mt Vernon, tomorrow afternoon.

The California Aqueduct just after dawn heading north through California

The California Aqueduct just after dawn heading north through California

Judy on the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail)

Judy on the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail)

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11 Responses to Portland, Oregon

  1. Ruth and Ian says:

    Bon Voyage! We thought you were leaving tomorrow 12th…!
    Hope you have a wonderful trip and we look forward to seeing you on your return.
    Keep safe.
    PS Regarding “must sees”, apparently Jackson in Wyoming is spectacular, whereas not much to see in Nebraska…?!

  2. sally says:

    The roses must be incredible as the best I’ve seen are in Adelaide x

    • Judy says:

      Not sure that they are any better than ADL (but then, I would say that, wouldn’t it? ) but lovely here at this time of the year.

  3. Anne says:

    Great choice of song! We just watched the Coal Miners Daughter this past weekend. Love, Loretta Lynn! My good friend Paisley and I did that I5 drive from Vancouver to San Fran. many times. Good luck with the rest of the drive! Ax

    • Judy says:

      Ah, the I5 – yet again we managed to hit Seattle at peak hour in the afternoon But maybe it’s just always peak hour in Seattle.

  4. ron says:

    Great music people the site had some good music on it did the elderly gentleman buy a walking stick to go with the card remember us to Pat Gail.

    • Judy says:

      No walking stick yet, and he hasn’t broken out the walking poles yet. Gail and Pat send their love xx

  5. Margaret & Derick Smith says:

    Portland brings back a few memories to us as we went through there on our way to Reno from Vancouver island . Lots of bridges and the home of Bill Gates. Have a lovely day xx

    • Judy says:

      Unless he’s moved, Bill Gates lives in Seattle. I saw his house when it was being built back in the mid-90s. Even back then, it was costing him 10’s of millions of dollars to have built. Great views over Lake Washington.

  6. Margaret & Derick Smith says:

    More memories Judy . Seattle traffic, all 3 lanes of it , everybody but us knew where they were going. We did get to the Boeing factory eventually and of course the market is a must. xx

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