Denver, Colorado

The mile-high city. 5280 feet above sea level. In the state that has 58 mountain peaks above 14,ooo feet., more than any other state.

After camping for 5 nights, we decided to spend a few days here, to do interesting stuff like eat out at food trucks and not-so-interesting stuff like wash our clothes and ourselves. We’ve seen a thunderstorm every day for the last week, so getting indoors and away from them for a while has been good too, although all the electrical action in Denver has been during the day while we’ve been here.

Every Tuesday and Thursday, there is a Food Truck gathering at Civic Center Park, near the Capitol Building, the Mint and other old and important Denver buildings. So that took care of lunch yesterday. We wanted to do some shopping in the morning, and as luck would have it, we drove past a Sonic Drive In fast food restaurant. We have wanted to go to one for years, so went there for breakfast. It’s set up like a ’50s drive-in burger joint. Car booths, each with a menu board and intercom to order, then a waitperson brings the food to the car. It is also possible to order via an intercom in the covered eating area, but there is no ‘front of house’ order counter inside the store. In some stores, the wait-people are on roller-skates, apparently. The food was cooked when we ordered it, came quickly and tasted good.

And then lunch at the food trucks, almost 30 of them parked in a paved area a block away from the Capitol Building, with lawn areas in between. Lots of variety, plenty of people ordering and a lovely atmosphere. Greg had pulled pork on a biscuit, I had deep fried soft-shell crab on brioche. We chatted with a few stall-holders, including a New Zealander who has lived in Denver for 18 years (and still has his Kiwi accent), and a guy from Maryland who has run his food truck for 3 years – it sells crab and Greek food.

This morning we actually did something that we hardly ever do – lay by the pool in the sun for an hour or so, working on our tans … ha! We found out about a combined Farmers’ Market/Food Truck event being held this evening – Friday –  but it was a bit thin. No produce, a couple of food stalls and some clothes sellers. But there was a BBq stall, so we had smoked pulled pork and a beer. All good.

Back to the wilderness tomorrow – a few interesting-sounding camping spots in Utah, maybe a visit to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, and then Las Vegas!

Denver Food truck menu

Denver Food truck menu

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  1. Margaret Smith says:

    Lots of food to choose from there. Must smell great particularly if they fry onions. x

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