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Thunderstorms rule our day. We are learning by experience about the strange summer weather in the USA. We have had thunderstorms every day for the last two weeks. Some days its just lightening and dark clouds in the distance, while … Continue reading

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Arches and Canyonland National Parks Utah


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Minuteman Missile Command Centre

We visited the Minuteman command and control centre in South Dakota. This is now a national monument, but was built by the US Government in the early 1960s, as part of its response to the Cuban missle crisis. The control … Continue reading

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A Close Encounter

For those of you old enough to remember “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”┬áby Steven Speilberg (1977) you may remember that the aliens were going to arrive at a prominent landmark, Devils Tower in Wyoming. This is what we went … Continue reading

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McMansions on Wheels

We are travelling around the USA in what in Australia would be a medium sized car. We have a tent and cooking equipment and most things we need. We are surrounded however by these monstrous RV’s . We keep mistaking … Continue reading

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