In the end

I’ve been meaning to write this one, last post for .. well, weeks. We’ve been home for 5 weeks, it’s now Spring and we’re already thinking about where we’ll travel to next (probably a camping trip to South Africa, Botswana and Swaziland in January 2015, in case you’re wondering).
Just a few stats that I found interesting – in 63 days, we visited 12 American states and 3 Canadian provinces. We camped a total of 37 nights, including 11 nights of ‘boondocking’ (free-camping). We stayed in motels for 20 nights, spent 3 nights on the ferry from Bellingham to Skagway and a couple of nights staying with friends.
We visited more Walmarts than I care to count, didn’t put any money through slot machines at Vegas and only ate out in cafes and restaurants a few times. The rest of the time we self-catered.
We discarded A LOT of stuff on the last day in LA, but when we got to the airport we still had to throw out another 8kg of stuff. Yikes!
Since we’ve been home we’ve talked a lot about our trip, of course, but especially about Alaska and Utah. I think for both of us they were the stand-out highlights. We hadn’t even thought much about spending time in Utah before we left, but the week we spent in and around the South-Eastern national parks was great.
As always, thanks for travelling and singing along with us. It’s been fun.

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5 Responses to In the end

  1. Char says:

    It was so much fun for us too! That is a beautiful pic up above. What’s the story about it?
    Can’t wait for your next adventure, should be spectacular!

  2. Char says:

    Oh the pic has changed. The one where you look so tiny against the rock walls is what I mean?

  3. sally says:

    Incredible journey and memories !

  4. Margaret & Derick Smith says:

    As you know Judy and Greg, we enjoy your travels nearly as much as you do . Map comes out quite a lot . Looking forward to your next trip, case packed and passports on the ready . Love to you both xxx

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