Dreaming of snow

It’s been a bit warm here. No actually, it’s been really, really hot! 42C-type hot for the last couple of days. It’s cooler today with a forecast top temp of 26C and when I was out and about earlier and the temp was around 20C, it felt cold. Nothing like the cold that’s going to hit us in a day or so though.

So this is Attempt No 2 to find the Northern Lights, and hopefully we’ll have better luck this time. Or at least, this time if there’s even a tiny glimmer of green in the sky, we’ll make darn sure we hang around and watch them, unlike last time where we made the classic newbies’ error of seeing them and thinking we’d see them again.

We’re flying to Stockholm, and then north to Lulea. Spending a couple of nights in an Airbnb  house at Kalix, which is north east of Lulea. Then we’re heading across the border and 200kms north to Kolari in Finland and spending a week there. We’re going to spend second half of the trip in The Netherlands, but don’t have many plans on what we’ll do there, other than hopefully catch up with our Dutch friends Mickey and Jaap.

Here’s something I learnt recently – you know how the plane cabin lights are dimmed for take-off and landing? I never really thought about why they did that, but it’s to get everyone’s eyes used to seeing in dimmer light in case of an emergency. Window shades are raised so that flight attendants can see if there’s a fire in one of the engines, or any debris that could affect an evacuation. And while it won’t be offered on any list of movies to watch on in-flight entertainment, ‘Sully’ is a really great movie, with a happy ending!


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    Looks very pretty . We are also experiencing the cold in the UK right now, without the snow .

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