This is what we came for

Greg has been watching his favourite websites for clues as to when we might be lucky enough to see more Lights and it all seemed like the planets – or rather the coronal hole in the sun, the magnetic field and the solar wind – might be aligned last night. We went to bed and set the alarm for 10:30pm and  … there were Lights. Incredible, moving, shimmering, bright lights!

Watching the Lights is both greater and lesser than looking at photos of them. Lesser because our eyes can’t pick up the incredible colours that a camera can, or at least, our old short-sighted peepers can’t see those vivid greens or pinks or reds or purples, it all just looks like lighter bands, mostly towards the north, but sometimes stretching across the sky.

And greater because we can see the 3 dimensionality of them much better than the camera can: the curtains of light that really do shimmer or ripple when you know what to look for, and the way the lights bloom across the sky and shift while you’re watching them.

We spent a couple of hours standing and sitting just outside the front door of the cottage we’re staying in, occasionally nipping back inside to warm up when the Lights weren’t putting on much of a show. And then by 1am it was all over and the sky went back to its usual moonless darkness. We set the alarm to wake up every couple of hours, but there was no more action, although there is more predicted for this afternoon and tonight.

So, we’ve really seen them properly now. It’s taken a couple of trips and a lot of waiting around, but those couple of hours last night made it all worth it!


the BBQ house down by the river Muonio

the frozen river Muonio

walking on the frozen river Muonio

standing on the frozen river Muonio

inside the BBQ hut

looking into the cottage

inside the cottage


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4 Responses to This is what we came for

  1. helen scales says:

    What wonderful pictures you are both sending I’m really enjoying themAt the same time Greg I am reading your Mum’s. latest book which is very good.You and your Mum certainly know how to write a good story

    • Judy says:

      Thanks Helen, glad you’re enjoying our travels.
      We had a couple of nights of really good Northern Lights, last night and the night before. There is still some good solar activity, but it’s too cloudy to see anything tonight, and we are now back below the Arctic Circle, and flying to Amsterdam tomorrow.
      I’ll take the credit for the story-writing, thanks. And Greg takes the amazing photos. Love Judy


        I am so pleased you got to see the Northern Lights and had so much enjoyment in the snow .
        As for the writing ,well done Judy and great photo’s Greg .
        I was asked to write an article for our flower club mag recently (which is distributed to over 60 clubs) I also had a passage printed in a UK mag a few years ago regarding growing up in a big family.
        It is said ” There is a book in each one of us ” !! Enjoy Amsterdam. xx

  2. ron says:

    Nice to have Bright People all around you takes the pressure off Always comes to those that wait pleased you you saw the Northern Lights some how thought we saw the in CANADA would that be so bright people .

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