The Power and the Passion

Yesterday we pickedĀ  up our home for the next 5 weeks – a Wicked campervan which has ‘Fuerza’ written on one door, and ‘Pasion’ on the other …. Power and Passion. So of course our trip’s theme song is Midnight Oil’s ‘Power and the Passion’. Hope the link works, it’s not available in Chile. If you can’t play it, please let us know in the comments and I’ll find another version.

Power and the Passion – Midnight Oil

The van is all good – the company provided some basics in terms of kitchenware, gas stove, an esky seats and a table. We brought cooking utensils, a better icebox, bedding, lighting and a few other things we regard as ‘essential’, including a large piece of shadecloth that we use as flooring instead of sitting on bare ground. Lots of storage under the bed, a little kitchen area at the back, and we’re working out where to put things and how to get set up and packed up in less than 90 minutes. It’s always the same – takes us ages to get it all worked out at the beginning of a trip, but within a few days we get really good at unpacking and packing up … and where things should go.

Last night we camped in the Rio de Los Cipreses Nature Reserve south of Santiago. Chileans are keen campers and there were lots of people at the camp, including a couple of kids who befriended us when they were looking for el zorro (the fox) which was roaming around the camp. The kids came back a couple of times to chat, even though our Spanish is still almost non-existent. The little boy told us that it’s his cumpleano birthday in 3 days, but I wasn’t able to find out how old he is. Around 7 or 8, I think. Seems like it’s still school holidays here until the beginning of next month, so we’re going to head south , then take our time and look at things on the way back. Also, as Greg just pointed out, the weather in Patagonia is probably going to be better now rather than later.

My impression of Chilean people is that they are polite, friendly and law-abiding. When we collected the van, the woman told us that we shouldn’t have any problems with corrupt officials or police in Chile …. but it could be different in Argentina. Okay, we’ve been warned.

The Power
The Power
And the Passion
And the Passion
As promised slightly rude spanish words on the back
As promised slightly rude spanish words on the back
Stopped for lunch at a servo heading sout from Santiago
Stopped for lunch at a servo heading south from Santiago
El Zorro (the fox)
El Zorro (the fox)
Stopped at the side of the road
Looking into the regional reserve in the Andrean foothills where we camped for the night
Looking into the regional reserve in the Andean foothills where we camped for the night


6 thoughts on “The Power and the Passion

  1. This way of camping with this fabulous van,must be sheer luxury for you two !!
    You could be taken for a couple of HIPPI’s.
    Enjoy whatever the day brings your way. xx

    1. Yep, it is pretty luxurious compared with our tent. Hardly any setting up when we get to our campsite for the night, and not much packing up in the morning. Better not get too used to it, ‘cos we’ll be back to tent camping wherever we go next. Lots of people hitch-hike here and they all look at our van and give us a smile. They probably think there’s a chance we’ll pick them up … until they see the 2 oldies sitting in it! xxx

  2. Not quite sure what the sign on the back of the van says……
    Really funny the way you have music to accompany your blogs! Certainly adds to the atmosphere.
    Great photos as ever.
    In Argentina I have 7 female (very distant) cousins in BA and Mendoza province at the foot of the Andes. I didn’t find it a happy place when I stayed there. Their diet is mainy with meat – not good for a vegetarian. I got violent tummy wog after (stupidly) eating raw greens. You will doubtless find it a delight and a thrill as you always seem to inject both into your trips!!!

    1. Hola Hazel! You’re not the only one who can’t ‘get’ the slogan on the back of the van, the woman who got us all sorted out at the Wicked Camper hire place translated it for us then told us that she didn’t really understand it. You’ve probably already run it through Google translate … or your Spanish is good enough to translate it, but for everyone else playing along at home, it says ‘Love is a disease that requires lots of bed!’ Maybe the signwriter got ‘love’ and ‘lust’ mixed up.
      I have a few reservations about Argentina, but we’ll do our first border crossing tomorrow. We’ve been warned about Bariloche, which is the first large town we go through on the Argentinian side. Lots of crime there, apparently. And the Australian we met at the airport in Rio told me that the Argentinian president had put a stop to all ATM withdrawals, so we’ll make sure we have enough Chilean pesos with us to pay for things.
      Glad you’re travelling with us!! Love to you and Miss Binky xx

  3. WELL I feel sure on his lord ships return to this great land HE will have to have one of shall we say BRIGHTLY COLOURED WHAT NOTS inst great does not matter where you go children are always easy get on with NOW midnight oil one beat all the way through now if it had been Peter Allen with a bit of style playing When My Baby goes to RIO but then I may not have the same music ear as others keep motoring in that see me coming what ya call it

    1. Hi Ron,
      Maybe Him Outdoors could just paint his Landcruiser instead of getting a whole other vehicle. xxx

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