It’s all north from here!

We haven’t really done much while we’ve been in Ushuaia, but once I start writing it down, I might think differently. We didn’t go anywhere apart from walks around the town. The car has stayed parked outside the building we’re staying in. There is a national park not far from here, but it didn’t sound as interesting as some of the parks we’re planning on visiting as we travel north, so we decided to skip that.

We thought about eating out somewhere here, but all the Trip Advisor top-rated restaurants had fairly standard ‘international cuisine’ menus, and the more authentic Argentinian places had such terrible reviews that we weren’t confident about eating at any of them.  Also: dinner here is usually at around 10pm, which is a bit late for us. So instead we bought some rump steaks from the supermarket and cooked them ourselves … twice! Excellent meat, around $14 per kg. The other night I poached a double chicken breast on the bone, then cooked lentils in  the poaching liquid, sauted some onions and carrots and mixed it all with some Moroccan spice that I’d brought from home. I always travel with a few spices in little ziplock bags.

There were a lot of ships docked here yesterday – a couple of cruise ships, a couple of Antarctic vessels, a lovely 3-masted sailing ship and the National Geographic Explorer, which is now heading east past Puerto Williams. Greg found a great website for keeping track of what’s in port and where ships are located – Marine Traffic. I think if I lived near a shipping port, I could become whatever the maritime equivalent of a ‘train-spotter’ is.

We walked down to the dock, past lots of tourists and a few locals who had brought their folding chairs down to watch the goings-on. Then along the sea front for a while. We have been lucky with the weather in Ushiaia – sunny days, apart from some rain this morning, but it’s fine again now.

As we drove here, we saw a nice-looking camping area near a lake, so we’re planning on staying there tonight, then back into Chile tomorrow for a while. We had intended visiting Punta Arenas, which is a few hundred kms north and west of here, in Chile, but it seems to be just another shipping port, so we’ll give that one a miss and head straight to Puerto Natale, and national parks, mountains, glaciers.

See you in a day or so!

Looking up the street we are staying in with the Martial range behind
Looking up the street we are staying in with the Martial range behind
Another day another bunch of cruise ships
Another day another bunch of cruise ships
Walking around Ushiaia on Sunday
Walking around Ushiaia on Sunday

9 thoughts on “It’s all north from here!

  1. I am surprised that you are able to take ziplock bags of spices with you . Having seen many TV programmes on the border controls where most packages like this are taken away and destroyed. Perhaps this is mainly white powder stuff which I am sure you don’t go in for . x

    1. By the way , I am pleased you had some steak while there at very reasonable price, or at least, at what we pay in the UK . (Myself, I eat very little meat but Derick usually has a steak on Saturday evenings)x

    2. Well, not that kind of white powder, although I bring a packet of yoghurt culture wherever we go, so I can make my own yoghurt. It’s all sealed, in its own branded packet though …. and it’s mostly powdered milk anyway. We watched an Asian guy with a suitcase full of packets of Asian stuff get questioned about what he was trying to bring into Chile. It’s the same in Australia, and we don’t bother trying to bring anything home any more. We usually go home with less stuff than we bring with us.

  2. Happy Birth Day Lady Pleased the young man done the right thing and put a roof over your head how would those wind be driving into love the beach ??? it is really quite some thing to watch what goes on a ports around the world we have both done it I would have to say the Chinese’s take the cake they are smart we will have to talk about these ferries when you return Have great Day.

    1. nah, just no power or internet in the places we’ve been staying. The spectacular glaciers more than made up for that, though.

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