A quick update

No, we haven’t fallen off the edge of the earth, or down a crevasse in a glacier, we’ve spent the last week in and near national parks in Chile and Argentina, getting as close as we could to glaciers in Torres del Paine in Chile, and Glacier National Park in Argentina.

We’ve had no power and no internet, hence the lack of posts. We’re camping at the municipal campground (power! hot water! clotheslines! not much wind!) at Los Antiguos tonight, and will cross the border back into Chile tomorrow. Ugh, another border crossing! But possibly our last, if we can get on the ferry we’re hoping to catch in a week or so.

The internet is pretty slow, so I’ll make this short and try and get everything we’ve done in the last week down ‘on paper’ (okay, in a .txt file) so we can update the blog later when we have better internet.

Our plans from here are to head south again, on the Chilean side, to see all the cool stuff we’ve spent the last week looking at on the Argentinian side – we’re planning on going to Villa O’Higgins, which is annoyingly close to where we were in El Chalten a couple of days ago. Only a country border and the Andes in the way.

Okay, adios amigos, see you when we have better internet.

4 thoughts on “A quick update

  1. Good to hear from you I though bogged flat battery broken down the worst all a myth keep motoring on enjoy life just of interest 40 degrees on Sunday till next time.

    1. Ah, bad news always travels faster than good news, so you would have heard if we’d had a mishap. All great here with us, we’re really enjoying this trip. xxx

    1. Thanks Margaret, we’ll put some more posts up when our internet is faster. We have loads of great photos from the past week. xxx

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