South Africa power plugs

South African earthed 240v power plugs are a wonder to behold, they are huge. We brought adapters for South Africa, but when we travel we often go to a local hardware and buy a couple of local plugs and wire up a couple of items with the local plugs. It makes it easier if you have lots of appliances and only a couple of adapters.

So we bought two South African plugs (at Crazy Plastics near the hotel in Joberg) and wired them in, here is one wired in next to a standard Australian plug:



2 thoughts on “South Africa power plugs

  1. Hi Judy,
    Mum has just sent me your blog address. I have just finished reading all up to date.
    I just loved Africa. Went 2 last year and am going again in July.
    You think the crocs aren’t big. Wait till you see them when the migration is on.
    They are huge. Have you worked out the difference between the black & white Rhinos.
    I haven’t. I loved Chobe for the Elephants as well. Had 3 days there at the Lodge.
    What a luxury. Have been to many of the places you mention. This time going to Uganda
    to see the gorillas.
    Keep enjoying. Wendy

    1. Hi Wendy, thanks for visiting the blog, I thought you might like to see what we’ve been up to. I think the difference between the ‘black’ and ‘white’ (er, not!) rhinos is something about the shape of their mouths, but they seem very similar to my untrained eye.
      Your trip to Uganda sounds fanastic – hope to hear all about it!

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