3 thoughts on “Elephants!

  1. How wonderful to get such great pictures ,but to see them on the highway is very special . I know how we felt when we saw our first bear in Canada.
    Have fun and take care xx

  2. The last picture that I saw of an Elephant and a car the said animal was walking all over it so you can be lucky they drive on the same side of the road as we do must be something to do with the Poms that used to run the place you would have to admit the moment they pulled out things went a little down hill but that is PROGRESS JUST THINK had Greg had a four wheel drive like the super duper one he has back home what FUN he could have had on that so called road with those donkeys as well Now back home The TOUR DOWN UNDER for the seventh year passed by our place great weather Hugh crowds wonderful day just keep on motoring watch for straying kangaroos

    1. Ron, he’s already talking about coming back and buying a Landccruiser so we can go to more places than we can get to in the little rental car. Botswana the country is doing well – they have good infrastructure, the people look happy, relaxed and proud, and the country is able to do deals to get things done. We drove on an excellent stretch of road north of Francistown, around where we saw the elephants and learned that it had been built by South Korea in exchange for copper (I think … some resource anyway)
      Glad the Tour went well.

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