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Another African experience

Our friends Kelly and Mark spent their honeymoon in Botswana in the mid-1990s. Several years later, in 2000, they travelled to Africa again and did a safari through Kenya. While they were there, they went to Mitubiri to visit John, his family and his village. They had been sponsoring John for 5 years through Childfund, and here’s Kelly’s blog post about that memorable day – A Not-So-Typical Day. Read it, but make sure you have a couple of tissues handy, it’s a very powerful read.

Kelly and Mark are from Melbourne, but have lived in Singapore for the last 4 years with their 2 young daughters. Kelly writes a blog, Our Big Expat Adventure, about living in Singapore, travelling, coming ‘home’ to Australia and life in general. It’s a great blog and I love reading about her everyday life and travels – you can read more here, and sign up to get notified of new posts, about halfway down on the right-hand side.

PS See you in March, Kel!