On the road


We picked up our (tiny) rental car this morning and by lunchtime we were on the road. We have driven about 450km south along the E4 towards Copenhagen, We detoured next to one of Swedens lakes. There are two lakes in the west one little and one large, we drove down the coast of the little one, it was enormous. You could barely see the far shore,

As it got later we started looking for campsites. Sweden (and Norway and Finland) have a law called :”Allmansr├Ątten” or public right of access. This means you can camp all sorts of places as long as you follow some basic rules. We eventually went down a little country road, followed a dirt track into a pine forest and found a nice quite place to camp next to a creek.

Tomorrow we get to Copenhagen.


4 thoughts on “On the road

    • We saw a hare as we were driving back to the main road, but that was the only wildlife we saw.

    • It was lovely, Sal. I found some wild strawberry plants with tiny green strawberries. Hopefully we’ll find some with ripe berries in our travels. xx

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