Our Ocean Cruise

Judy found out that to go back to Sweden we would┬á have to pay another $A60 toll on the ├śresund Bridge, so we decided to go on an ocean cruise instead. We headed north out of Copenhagen (the GPS getting us lost several times), and headed for Helsingor in northern Zealand. It was saturday, and we got caught up in some road works on the way. We arrived at Helsingor put our credit card in a ticket machine and drove our car on the ship for an ocean cruise!

We wanted to swim in the pool, but there wasn’t one, and we were going to have a haircut, but there wasn’t time, we just had time to walk out on the back deck, and it was time to get down to the car and drive off. Total cruise time 20 minutes.

We had arrived in Helsingborg Sweden.

View of Helsingor from Cruise Ship (ferry)

View of Helsingor from Cruise Ship (ferry)

Greg enjoying the 1st class deck on the Cruise Ship.

Greg enjoying the 1st class deck on the Cruise Ship.



We then headed up north towards Gothenburg. We got supplies for crossing into Norway. All our reading says Sweden is much cheaper than Norway, so we stocked up to make sure. We continued north until we are about 200km south of Oslo, but still in Sweden. We found another nice campsite in the forest.








5 thoughts on “Our Ocean Cruise

    • We might get another chance if we go to Finland, Fay. We can put the car on a ferry to Stockholm.

  1. Cruise looked good Judy if only a very short one . Quite expensive there apparently ,so I have been told.
    Have a good Sunday x

    • It was, Sal. We drove past it initially, thinking it was too small, but when we couldn’t find anything else we walked back to check it and decided we’d MAKE everything fit. I have never in all my life camped with so much grass beneath and around my tent! It’s lovely. Greener here in mid-summer than it ever gets in Sth Oz, even in mid-winter

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