Riga – Latvia

Central Markets Riga

Central Markets Riga


17 different types of Tomatoes - Riga Central Market

17 different types of Tomatoes – Riga Central Market


6 thoughts on “Riga – Latvia

  1. People the one very good thing that you have mention is that the country’s you have passed through do not have money problems after all that we hear about Europe and there problems this is good Judy as for the size of those Tomatoes did you try any I bet they tasted like the good old days it is good isn’t to see how the rest of the World lives rather than going to Bali They took the car back OK.

    • Northern Europe seems to be in very good financial shape, Ron. I guess they are helping prop up all those broke southern European countries. Well, expect for Norway which isn’t in the EU. We didn’t buy any tomatoes or anything else at the market because we only had enough cash for a couple of bus tickets to the airport.
      Yep, no problems with the car. Greg dropped me and our luggage near the closest metro station to the Avis office, returned the car and then walked to where he had left me. He said that it was either the easiest car rental return ever, or there will be some major problem and we’ll hear about it later.

  2. What a lovely market Judy. Was it all fruit and veg or were there other things for sale? x

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