Day 28 Salt Lake City Utah to Las Vegas Nevada

Salt Lake city is a nice looking city. There are mountains (currently covered in snow) both West and East of the city. Even in the centre of capitalism there are no houses built on the mountains, so its a great view.

We went into the city centre to view the Morman temples in [...]

Day 25 Hardin Montana to Gardiner Montana

We arrived too late at the Little Big Horn National Battlefield monument to see it, so we drove 20km further onto Hardin, intending to return the next day.

The reason I was so interested in visiting Little Big Horn, the site of Custers last stand, was this game I played as a kid [...]

Day 24 Denver Colorado to Hardin Montana

After deciding that since Yellowstone National park opened for spring on Friday morning, we would detour (2,000km) to Yellowstone National park.

After our snow problems getting into Colorado, we were wary of getting caught by snow along the route. The shortest route according to google maps took us through Teton Pass, which according to [...]

Day 22 Colby Kansas to Denver Colorado

It was a cold morning in Colby Kansas, about 1 C.

And it only got colder.

We left Colby in rain, that gradually changed to sleet, and then when we crossed the Colorado border, snow. It was difficult driving along the interstate through snow and slush, having semi-trailers pass throwing up loads of water [...]

Day 21 Blue Springs Missouri to Colby Kansas

The long journey over the midwestern prairie. We drove through Kansas City, which is in Missouri not Kansas.

We avoided the toll road to Topeka, travelling on a state road. Once we left Topeka it got very rural with not much around.  Onece we past Salina it got very flat.  Our choices of places [...]

Day 19 Great Smoky Mountains National Park to Paducah Kentucky

We left camp in the Smokies, driving through the are north, which was very green and beautiful.  Along the sides of the highway, there were fields of wild daffodils, and many blossom trees – spring has only just started in this part of the US.

It was then back on the I-40, which we [...]

Day 18 Atlanta Georgia to Great Smoky Mountains National Park

We left after a warm Atlanta Night. We drove to the nearest Publix Supermarket (they have nice food) to get supplies for lunch and dinner, and then headed to the REI for another sleeping bag. Our sleeping Bags have not been quite warm enough, and we need another good bushwalking grade warm sleeping bag, [...]

Day 15 Orlando Florida

Harry Potter at Universal Studios

Hogwarts Castle

Drinking Butter Beer at the 3 Broomsticks

The ride that Judy [...]

Day 13 New Orleans Louisiana to Grayton Beach State Park Florida

Unlucky day 13. We left New Orleans at a good time, to make Grayton Beach early in the afternoon. However at Mobile Alabama, we holed a tyre (or tire in the USA), fortunately right outside a tire shop. However they did not have a replacement, although they tried to fix the old one, but [...]

Day 12 New Orleans Louisiana

We drove down to Venice, which is near the mouth of the mississippi, at the southern end of a long peninsula. As we got further south the land got lower and lower, and the sea closer and closer. At Venice the port is only half a metre above sea level. We kept thinking that [...]