Day 20 Paducah Kentucky to Blue Springs Missouri

We spent the day driving across the south-western corner of Illinois, and almost right across Missouri. Tonight we’re staying just outside Kansas City, Missouri, and tomorrow we’ll see the prairies of Kansas State.

Lovely day, weather-wise, after the heavy rain of yesterday afternoon. A bit cooler than we’ve been used to, and Spring [...]

Day 13 New Orleans Louisiana to Grayton Beach State Park Florida

Unlucky day 13. We left New Orleans at a good time, to make Grayton Beach early in the afternoon. However at Mobile Alabama, we holed a tyre (or tire in the USA), fortunately right outside a tire shop. However they did not have a replacement, although they tried to fix the old one, [...]

Day 12 New Orleans Louisiana

We drove down to Venice, which is near the mouth of the mississippi, at the southern end of a long peninsula. As we got further south the land got lower and lower, and the sea closer and closer. At Venice the port is only half a metre above sea level. We kept thinking that [...]

Day 11 New Orleans Louisiana

Lots of walking today. We walked tthrough the French market, along the banks of the mississippi, and through the arts district. Then back to the French Quarter, and then north to Treme. We then visited the State museum to see an excellent exhibition on Hurricane Katrina and how it all happened.

Treme New [...]

Day 10 Lafayette Louisiana to New Orleans Louisiana

In which:

Greg celebrates his birthday, we visit the Tabasco Sauce factory, we drive to New Orleans and spend the evening wandering around the French Quarter and Bourbon Street

Tabasco Country Store

the bridge over the mississippi river that we drove over on the I-10 into New [...]