Day 27 West Yellowstone Montana to Salt Lake City Utah

We stayed in West Yellowstone, just outside of the park. The town is almost completely closed. Even the hotel we stayed in with a few other guests was being renovated around us.

It was very cold in the morning -8C, with a thick layer of ice on the windscreen of the car that [...]

Day 22 Colby Kansas to Denver Colorado

It was a cold morning in Colby Kansas, about 1 C.

And it only got colder.

We left Colby in rain, that gradually changed to sleet, and then when we crossed the Colorado border, snow. It was difficult driving along the interstate through snow and slush, having semi-trailers pass throwing up loads of [...]

Day 21 Blue Springs Missouri to Colby Kansas

The long journey over the midwestern prairie. We drove through Kansas City, which is in Missouri not Kansas.

We avoided the toll road to Topeka, travelling on a state road. Once we left Topeka it got very rural with not much around.  Onece we past Salina it got very flat.  Our choices of places [...]

Day 17 Jacksonville Florida to Atlanta Georgia

Very looong driving day due to roadworks and a lot of traffic on the I-75. So we took a couple of detours off the main road and saw a bit of Georgia that we wouldn’t have seen from the freeway.

We ate real southern food tonight at Mary Mac’s Tea Rooms in Atlanta, founded [...]

Day 16 Orlando Florida to Jacksonville Florida

So we’ve reached the turnaround point of our trip, and now we’re heading back across the country to LA. We drove to the east coast and stopped to dip our toes in the Atlantic Ocean, so that we can say that we really did go right from the West Coast to the East Coast. [...]

Day 15 Orlando Florida

Harry Potter at Universal Studios

Hogwarts Castle

Drinking Butter Beer at the 3 Broomsticks

The ride that Judy [...]

Day 14 Grayton Beach State Park Florida to Orlando Florida

We spent most of the day driving from the campground we stayed at last night to Orlando Florida. Much of it was spent on the I-10, then we headed south towards Orlando. As we got closer to Orlando, we had to avoid the tollroads as most of them don’t accept cash payments at a [...]

Day 13 New Orleans Louisiana to Grayton Beach State Park Florida

Unlucky day 13. We left New Orleans at a good time, to make Grayton Beach early in the afternoon. However at Mobile Alabama, we holed a tyre (or tire in the USA), fortunately right outside a tire shop. However they did not have a replacement, although they tried to fix the old one, but [...]

Day 10 Lafayette Louisiana to New Orleans Louisiana

In which:

Greg celebrates his birthday, we visit the Tabasco Sauce factory, we drive to New Orleans and spend the evening wandering around the French Quarter and Bourbon Street

Tabasco Country Store

the bridge over the mississippi river that we drove over on the I-10 into New [...]

Day 3 Gallup New Mexico to Santa Rosa New Mexico

We left Gallup driving through the interesting New Mexico landscape. It is very like the area around and north of Alice Springs in Australia. We passed several Indian Casinos on the I-40. The Casinos are built on Indian Reservations, because they are exempt from local and state planning restrictions.

We can travel at [...]