Day 27 West Yellowstone Montana to Salt Lake City Utah

We stayed in West Yellowstone, just outside of the park. The town is almost completely closed. Even the hotel we stayed in with a few other guests was being renovated around us.

It was very cold in the morning -8C, with a thick layer of ice on the windscreen of the car that [...]

Day 23 Denver Colorado

We spent the day exploring Boulder, then drove back to Denver along the eastern edge of the Rockies. The mountains around Denver and Boulder are spectacular, and the higher peaks are still covered in snow. It’s a very impressive backdrop for residents when they walk out their front door.

Boulder is a lovely [...]

Day 17 Jacksonville Florida to Atlanta Georgia

Very looong driving day due to roadworks and a lot of traffic on the I-75. So we took a couple of detours off the main road and saw a bit of Georgia that we wouldn’t have seen from the freeway.

We ate real southern food tonight at Mary Mac’s Tea Rooms in Atlanta, founded [...]

Day 4 Santa Rosa New Mexico to Wichita Falls Texas

4 days, 4 states, 3 time zones and over 1300 miles. Now we’re just 25 miles from Archer City and Booked Up, the secondhand bookstore owned by Larry McMurtry which is part of the reason for this trip. Ever since I read McMurtry’s  Books: A Memoir, about his life as a book scout and [...]