Day 8 Dallas Texas to Martin Creek State Park Texas

The biggest 2nd hand bookstore we have ever seen. The Half-Price bookstore in Dallas (just one of them).

We bought even more books (mostly language software), and continued out of Dallas to the east. After about 3 hours we stopped and camped at Martin Creek State Park, which was a nice Texas [...]

Day 7 Dallas Texas

We spent the day in Dallas. This morning we went to the 6th Floor Museum, which was The Texas Book Depository back in 1963 when JFK was shot. An excellent museum and tribute to JFK. An audio commentary is provided and it directs the listener around the exhibits. There is a good lead-up [...]

Day 6 Archer City Texas to Dallas Texas

Lovely night’s sleep in the Desert Rose Room at the Lonesome Dove Inn, and a delicious breakfast this morning – French Toast with fresh fruit. We visited Buildings 2 & 3 of Booked Up, just to make sure we didn’t miss anything, but didn’t buy any more books. And then we headed south to [...]

Day 5 Wichita Falls Texas to Archer City Texas

An easy drive today. We visited Three Dog Books in Witchita Falls, which was a mix of second hand books, some new kids books, and antiques and collectables.

Then it was down the road to Archer City about 40km away south. The main reason for visiting Archer City, population 1848, was Larry McMurtry’s secondhand [...]

Day 4 Santa Rosa New Mexico to Wichita Falls Texas

4 days, 4 states, 3 time zones and over 1300 miles. Now we’re just 25 miles from Archer City and Booked Up, the secondhand bookstore owned by Larry McMurtry which is part of the reason for this trip. Ever since I read McMurtry’s  Books: A Memoir, about his life as a book scout and [...]