Day 8 Dallas Texas to Martin Creek State Park Texas

The biggest 2nd hand bookstore we have ever seen. The Half-Price bookstore in Dallas (just one of them).

We bought even more books (mostly language software), and continued out of Dallas to the east. After about 3 hours we stopped and camped at Martin Creek State Park, which was a nice Texas State Park close to the Texas border.

Camped at Martin Creek State Park


It is a nice park, lots of trees, a lake, you can even swim in the lake. The weather has got much warmer, and we had a great sunset over the lake.

Sunset at Martin Creek

However there is a reason why its nice to swim in the lake. The lake is warmer than usual. The reason its warmer than usual, is there is an enormous coal fired power station across the lake, that uses the lake for cooling water.


Coal fired power station, across the lake from Martin Creek State Park




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