Day 1 – Los Angeles to Needles

We arrived in Los Angeles about 9:00am, after a long 13.5 hour flight from Melbourne. We hired our car from Alamo, and then proceeded to get slightly lost leaving the airport. We eventually made it to a BestBuy to buy Virgin wireless broadband from Virgin, and a GPS.  The it was off to Walmart, guided by the GPS (very easy). We started off with an American voice telling us where we should be going in miles, but Greg found an Aussie voice who can tell us where to go in kilometres, so it feels a lot more familiar!

After getting supplies from Walmart, we headed off eventually joining the I-40 heading east across Mojave Desert to a desert town called Needles, population 5,500. We’re still in California, just across the border from Arizona. We arrived in Needles at 7:30pm. We had been awake about 36hours, so it was time to rest. Our very long Thursday had started in Adelaide at 4.45am, and finished in the US at 10pm.

Judy in the USA road trip car.


14 comments to Day 1 – Los Angeles to Needles

  • fay

    Good to hear from you. Go go the little red car.

  • I’m so glad you made it there safe and sound.

    Walmart! What was that experience like?

    • admin

      Walmart is big, cheap and full of stuff that no one really needs, but buys anyway … apparently. I was on the lookout for some People of Walmart but didn’t see any on that visit. Not sure if I’m disappointed or relieved!

  • ron

    acrocanthosaurus dinosaur found mainly in Texas see what you can find

  • Margaret & Derick Smith

    We look forward to following your trip. Have been to
    Walmart many times in Canada,sell’s a lot of rubbish but cheap. There is a store’s here in England called Asda which belongs to Walmart.
    Have been in that area, if you can make it visit Viginia City takes you back in time.

  • Margaret & Derick Smith

    Looking forward to your trip( if only on the web) having been in this area ourselves. Try and get to visit Viginia city, it’s a place that time has passed by.
    We agree about Walmart only go there for cheap rubbish.

  • fay

    Well, looks like you are going good. And you have Margaret & Derick on your trail. I didn’t know they had visited that part of USA.

  • Margaret & Derick Smith

    Having looked at the map and following your route we turned left and went north to Reno and lake Tahoo area. Seems as if you like country music as I do!

  • Sally

    Hi Jude and Greg , enjoying your fabulous BLOG as always .Three questions . 1] Did you meet Larry ? 2} How many books did you really buy ?? 3] Can you bring me back the cat ? Sal xxx

    • Judy

      Hi Sal, yes we did meet Larry. Nice man. We really did only buy 4 books between us, but we’re going back to the other buildings this morning. The cat is gorgeous, but very vocal!

  • fay

    WoW! You made it. Larry McMurty bookstore. An ambition achieved Judy. Now this Lonesome Dove Inn, certainly sounds wonderful. Enjoy.

  • fay

    Be careful on the grassy knoll.

  • Margaret & Derick Smith

    Our daughter would be in her element with all those books,
    being a complete bookworm