Day 4 Santa Rosa New Mexico to Wichita Falls Texas

4 days, 4 states, 3 time zones and over 1300 miles. Now we’re just 25 miles from Archer City and Booked Up, the secondhand bookstore owned by Larry McMurtry which is part of the reason for this trip. Ever since I read McMurtry’s  Books: A Memoir, about his life as a book scout and seller, I’ve wanted to see his bookshop. And tomorrow I will.

We’re staying at Wichita Falls tonight. We did wonder if it was the Wichita that featured in the Glenn Campbell song, Wichita Lineman, but there are a few places of the same name around the country, so maybe not. We found a great place for dinner, thanks to TripAdviser – Bar L Drive Inn, a burger and barbecue diner where you can eat in your car, or at the picnic benches outside, or inside. It’s a bit cold here at the moment, so we ate inside. I had a barbecue ham sandwich with waffle fries, Greg had chicken-fried steak strips with salad and sweet potato fries. We both had Budwiser beeer. Does it get any more American than that?

Welcome to Texas

No pets in the toilets, that includes rattlesnakes

2 comments to Day 4 Santa Rosa New Mexico to Wichita Falls Texas

  • If only there had been roller-skating waitresses to bring the cholesterol to your car! Or does that only happen in Milwaukee??

    • Judy

      No roller-skating waitresses, Kel, but I did forget to mention some of the more unusual items on the menu – Fried Gizzards, Fried Liver, Fried Giblets … and something they called Barbecued Mess. We should have taken a photo of the menu.