Day 7 Dallas Texas

We spent the day in Dallas. This morning we went to the 6th Floor Museum, which was The Texas Book Depository back in 1963 when JFK was shot. An excellent museum and tribute to JFK. An audio commentary is provided and it directs the listener around the exhibits. There is a good lead-up to the assassination, with JFK’s personal and Kennedy family history plus what was happening in the US in the early 60s … all building up to the assassination. The corner where the shots were fired is blocked off with clear perspex, and boxes are arranged as they were back on That Day.

We saw a poster when we were at the Silver Moon diner in Santa Rosa, advertising a lunch for JFK and Jackie in Dallas at 12.30 on November 22nd. They never got there because JFK was shot at 12.30 on November 22nd.

There are also film clips of various aspects of the assassination, including footage of the funeral. I always get teary when I see little John Jr saluting his father’s coffin.
The rest of the museum is devoted to the aftermath of the assassination – Lee Harvey Oswald, Jack Ruby, conspiracy theories, Kennedy’s legacy. It was all very well done, and worth visiting (thanks to Greg’s friend Guy for suggesting we go there).
We went and stood on the Grassy Knoll, wandered around Dealey Plaza, and walked up the streets that the motorcade had driven down before the shots were fired.

This afternoon we went shopping – for clothes at Dick’s Sporting Goods and the Columbia Outlet store (that was FUN! I bought a heap of clothes), and then at 2 Half Price Books stores.

Judy on the Grassy Knoll adjacent to where Kennedy was shot


The view up to the sixth floor of the Texas Book Depository where Lee Harvey Oswarld fired his shots from

Negotiating one of the many,many,many freeways and freeway interchanges that run throughout Dallas

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  • ron

    If only JFK had lived I am sure he would have left a great mark on his own people and the world in general keep on motoring.

  • Margaret & Derick Smith

    Brings back lots of memories. Have seen JFK’s last resting place in Arlington cemetary Washingt#on. Found this very moving.
    Finding the right freeway is daunting as we found when driving in Seattle

  • fay

    Happy Birthday to You,
    Happy Birthday to You,
    Happy Birthday.
    Dear Greg,
    Happy Birthday to You.

    I am singing this to You.

    Have a Wonderful Birthday.

  • ron

    Gday People Happy Birthday Greggie another ticked off really not that long since you where playing with your toys in the sand pit have a good one