Day 3 Gallup New Mexico to Santa Rosa New Mexico

We left Gallup driving through the interesting New Mexico landscape. It is very like the area around and north of Alice Springs in Australia. We passed several Indian Casinos on the I-40. The Casinos are built on Indian Reservations, because they are exempt from local and state planning restrictions.

We can travel at a fair speed along the I-40. The speed limit is 75 miles per hour (120km/hr), and plenty of cars (and semi-trailer trucks) pass us when we travel at the speed limit.

We headed into Albuquerque, and the Old Town area. We wandered around the old (and touristy) area. We had a Mexican lunch at La Hacienda.


Albuquerque is a nice looking town of 550,000. They seem to embrace the desert enviroment with houses and buildings in subdued desert colours.

We left heading east, finishing up at Santa Rosa. We’ll be in Texas tomorrow.




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