And now, we walk

We’re starting our second Camino today with an easy 13km walk through the suburbs of Lisbon. Easy because of both the relatively short distance and we’ll only be carrying our small daypacks, not the full 12 – 15kg rig. As I mentioned in the previous post, we had a choice of doing 2 short distance days or one long 30km day, so we opted for the first.

A few thoughts before we set off – I feel like we’re better prepared this time, in part because we know what to expect, but also because we have spent the last 2 weeks walking …. in Singapore, in Rome and Milan, and in Lisbon. In addition, we’ve acclimatised and  we’re used to the local time zone. Last time we finished work at our very sedentary jobs, left Adelaide in winter and started walking 2 days later in the south of France in late summer.


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  1. kelly says:

    Best of luck and have fun!

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