Day 1 Lisbon to Sacavem

Only 13kms, and without our full rucksacks, but it’s a start. After getting our Credentials we walked from the Lisbon Cathedral walking thorugh Alfama, an old area of Lisbon. Narrow street and alleys. We stopped for lunch at Praca de Silva, and continued on until we reached the coast at the old Expo 1998 site. It was a pleasant walk along the coast, including crossing under the imposing 17¬† km long Vasco de Gama bridge (the longest bridge in Europe). Then it was further along the coast, until we headed west, and reached Sacavem railway station.It ws then back on the train to our apartment in Lisbon. However that didn’t quite work out, and we ended up at a railway station west of Lisbon. No problems we thought, we will catch a tram back to central Lisbon, but after a few stops the tram driver ordered everyone out because the tram line had been closed down for roadworks. So we found another bus, and eventually got back.

The start outside Lisbon Cathedral


Vasco da Gama bridge (click on photo for larger view)

Just like South Australia, Salvation Jane (Patterson's Curse) to the left, a gum tree to the right


Salvation Jane alive and well in Lisbon

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6 Responses to Day 1 Lisbon to Sacavem

  1. ron says:

    we where lucky enough to sail under the Vasco Da Gama Bridge worth a read on its building on Wikipedia.its a big river I think its source is way back in central Europe

  2. Margaret Gentry Smith says:

    Vasco da Gama, I remember this from my school days. How about you Fay?
    I will have to find out more about this bridge , looks interesting.

  3. sally Little says:

    All the best as you start your walk . I’m loving the blog and the photos are marvelous ! xx

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