Day 15 Mealhada to Agueda

25km A long hot day, spent walking mostly on paved roads.We missed an early arrow as we set off, but quickly realised thanks to Greg’s GPS. Then an hour or so later, I walked on ahead of Greg and completely missed an arrow on a tree in the forest, but only realised some time and distance later. Meanwhile, Greg got to the next cafe a couple of kms up the road and turned back to find me when I wasn’t there waiting for him. We met up again eventually, but it goes to show how easy it is to get lost if you’re not constantly on the lookout for those yellow arrows.

Later in the morning, we stopped at a little cafe at Adfeloas. The owner offered us a stamp for our credencial – Pilgrim Passport – and asked us to sign his guest book. We found our old friend John Smith had been there several days before us, and there are a couple of Australian girls a few days in front of us too.

We had a proper cooked lunch at the Queiroz restaurant at Avelas de Caminho. Their specialty is leitos – suckling pig – but as we had had that for dinner the previous evening, we each had an omelette.

The day’s walk seemed to just go on and on for me, by the end I was feeling pretty tired and emotional – Greg ended up taking even more of my stuff, and at one point even carried my pack for a while. But we got there in the end, and stayed at a lovely place, Residencial Celeste, which is 1.5km north of Agueda on the main road.

Walking on the N-1 highway


The Camino is a faint track through the trees


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