Day 2 Sacavem to Vila Franca de Xira

27 kilometres. Started by getting the train from our hotel to Sacavem, arriving at Sacavem about 8:45am. Walked along the river, and then it was quickly into a rural landscape (even though there were suburbs west and east of me). The track followed a river, but was used by horses and mountain bikers, and it progressively got muddier. Then it started to rain, so on with the raincoat and pack cover. I got to Granja, and stopped in a park to have early lunch, and by then it had stopped raining.

Then through Alpriarte, and towards the A1 Expressway, along an even muddier track, and it was raining again. It was still raining when I went through Povoa de Santa Iria, with all the shops closed because it was Sunday. The Camino was then a farm track north covered with a lot of water, until I arried at Alverca de Ribatejo, where I really enjoyed riding the escalator up when crossing the railway station. I stopped again for something to eat in front of a closed shop, so I could get out of the rain for a while.

The camino then headed towards the N-10 passing industrial areas. Then it was 2 kilometres of walking along the N-10 (a busy road) with sometimes no shoulder to walk on.

I left the N-10 at Alhandra and using the GPS made by way to the waterfront, and took the John Brierley guide book advice and took the river walking track up to Vila Franca de Xira. The late afternoon had turned sunny and it was a pleasant walk (if you ignored the sore feet and legs) along the river front. I arrived at Vila Franca de Xira to meet up with Judy just before 6pm.

Muddy tracks on the Camino

Riverside walking trail into Vila Franca de Xira

Addit from Judy: We stayed at the Flora Residencial, Rua Noel Perdigao 12, Vila Franca de Xira. 45 euro including a good breakfast. It’s close to the railway station and there’s a supermarket, cafes and restaurants just down the street.




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7 Responses to Day 2 Sacavem to Vila Franca de Xira

  1. fay says:

    WoW, Only just read about all of your troubles, we had a bit of a crisis here yesterday, Jade, but it’s okay. Well, do hope you feel okay Judy. And it’s better walking weather for you both.
    love to you both.

  2. ron says:

    Sorry to hear that lady ever though of a back belt always a help when times are tough still have one for Greg a set of snow shoes might be hard to find in that part of the world good luck

    • Judy says:

      I did think of a back belt … after I’d hurt my back. Will investigate more when I get home. It will all be fine, I’m sure. Hey, how far up the river did the ship go after it had gone under the Vasco da Gama bridge?

      • Jackie Thompson says:

        Hi Judy,
        Sorry to hear about your back – bugger. Hope things are improving quickly. Sounds like a good time had by you both so far. Will continue to follow your progress. Oh – by the way, we booked the trip to Germany, so I did take your advice.

        Take care

        Jackie xx

        • Judy says:

          Hi Jackie! Great news about your Germany trip, I’m so pleased you’re going. Back’s getting better and yes, we’re having a great time.

      • ron says:

        possible maybe 2to3ks the most amazing thing was the performance of the TUG BOAT on Fays blog

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