Day 6 Azinhaga to Vila Nova Barquina

18km.  When we left, we looked outside the window, and it was sunny, but with some clouds. Within 5 metres of leaving we stopped to put on our raincoats and pack-covers, and within ten minutes we were walking in steady rain.

It was a walk along the Azinhaga to Golega road for 7 kilometres. It was a busy road, and we often had no shoulder to walk on, it was stressful. It rained when we left Azinhaga, then got sunny and almost warm, then it rained again. We arrived in Golega to sit in a cafe in the main square and eat some portuguses custard tarts. The weather was nice and sunny as we left Golega, and we walked along a quiet country lane for a couple of kilometres. Then it was back on the bitumen, but the road was still quiet and nice. The as we appoached Sao Caetno the wind built up and it started steadily raining again. Since we arrived in Lisbon we have not had one single day when it has not rained.

We walked through Quinta Cardiga which looked good, and must have looked even better 500 years ago. The the sun came out and we walked in sun to Vila Nova Barquina. It took us a while to find Pensao Soltejo, which was 1.2 km east of the Camino route. We checked in and started drying our wet clothes (again).


Orange trees planted as street trees in Azinhaga


Preparing for rain again

Walking out of Golega in the sun

Qunita Cardiga







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13 Responses to Day 6 Azinhaga to Vila Nova Barquina

  1. mickey says:

    Good to see you up and walking again Judy! Love the pics, so typical Portugese those streets! I love Portugal. Hope the weather will start behaving much better soon. X

    • Judy says:

      Hi Mickey, I agree, I love Portugal too! I’d definitely recommend it as a travel destination in preference to Spain. Our hostess at Azinhaga told us that this weather is not typical for Portugal at this time of the year – it’s certainly been a shock for us as Adelaide usually doesn’t get much rain

  2. Margaret Gentry Smith says:

    Hi Judy, the weather you are getting is just like it is here.
    Sorry about your hip pain, perhaps a bone scan should be arranged when you get home. Take care .

    • Judy says:

      Hi Margaret, I’m sorry that you’re getting this weather too. We saw the weather forecast for the UK yesterday and some areas were getting low temps of below zero! I think you’re right about getting bone scan, although my hip has settling a lot now. I keep thinking of my lovely massage therapist Trina. Maybe I’ll bring her along with me next time I do a long walk!

  3. Michele says:

    Good to hear you are out walking again Judy. Bugga about the hip.

    Hope the weather clears soon

    • Judy says:

      Hi Michele, thanks – hip feels okay now, compared to my feet! They are completely trashed, but I remember they were like this at this stage on the last Camino we did. I’m really looking forward to walking in a couple of weeks, when my feet feel okay, I’ve lost a few kgs and grown a few muscles and feel really fit. It’s the getting from how I feel at this early stage to feeling great that’s the hard part!

  4. ron says:

    Good to read your 99 ps Judy good for the body good for the sole hows the KT26s going surprised about the amount of rain I have lamingtons with jam TIM TAMS left right etc keep marching on

    • Judy says:

      Thanks Ron, I’m feeling pretty good from the ankles up. And the bits below the ankles will improve. We’re having a rest day in Tomar today, then a couple of shortish 20km days. Greg’s KT26s seem to be holding up okay. We’re still eating custard tarts, and we found some great little cupcakes soaked in syrup the other day. Will have to try and find more of them. Not many cream cakes here, but loads of baked things with custard in them

  5. Margaret Gentry Smith says:

    More rain here apart from yesterday when we went to Brightlingsea and the sun shone most of the day. Most parts of the UK were wet though. We don’t have all those lovely cakes and custard tarts to cheer us up like you are getting and I must add that you truly deserve. Remember the sun is always there , just hidden by the clouds.

  6. ron says:

    Gday there people I though Portugal was the place where people went for sunshine from that garotte little Island in the North Sea ever though though of doing the Heysen Trail not many churches to look at but custed tarts need milk why NO cream

    • Judy says:

      I think all the custard was a way to use all the leftover egg yolks. They used to use the whites to starch all the church linens, and they were also used in winemaking for something.

  7. Margaret Gentry Smith says:

    NHS retirement club ramble today. Derick walks while I sit in the car(due to my back problems) then onto the pub for lunch. Hope the rain keeps off for the ramblers as we are not such a hardy lot as you and Greg. No custard tarts where go. Have a good day will be thinking of you .

  8. ron says:

    That is a free rang Pig the economy in Portugal is not supposed to be that crash hot what have you found.

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