Rest Day Coimbra

Sunday in Coimbra. We did the kind of things that most people do on holiday – slept in, had a late breakfast, walked around and explored a bit, sat in a cafe eating cakes and drinking our preferred caffeinated beverage (me – coffee, Greg – Coke), went to a shopping centre, had an afternoon nap, had dinner at an Italian cafe by the river.

Side note: we wanted to buy a small tube of sunscreen when we were at the shopping centre. We had looked at the small supermarkets in the towns and villages we walked through, but hadn’t been able to find any. And no wonder – the cheapest, smallest tube or bottle we could find was 13 euros! Almost $20 for a 100ml tube. It’s very surprising, because a lot of Portuguese people are quite fair, but I guess there isn’t the problem of skin cancers here that there is in Australia.

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3 Responses to Rest Day Coimbra

  1. ron says:

    The ROMANS it doesn’t matter what part of Europe or the middle east in some of the most desolated places the Romans have left their mark.

  2. Margaret Gentry Smith says:

    Judy, is the food more important than the walking? Love to see the pictures of the country walks , my idea of a perfect day out. (if only ) Have a good day . Margaret

    • Judy says:

      Margaret, on this walk, I have enjoyed the food more than the walking. Last time the food was …. mostly pretty ordinary. This time we haven’t had a bad meal, and some of them have been really great.

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